Alien sighting in Waller, Texas

When: Summer 2016 (exact date unknown)
Where: Waller (northwest of Houston)
What: Large entity resembling praying mantes appears and then takes off into sky

UFO researchers and cryptozoologists have documented accounts of large, frightening Praying Mantis-like creatures. The latest of these is from outside Houston, and was sent in to Texas UFOs by a friend of the witness and fellow Texas resident.


This is not my personal experience/encounter. But I trust the witnesses.
A friend and his little sister where leaving a friends house at night. The country road is dark and there are woods still in the area where properties are not yet owned or developed. As they drove, their car headlights flashed at a creature they describe looked like a praying mantis. White skin, big red eyes (like wild animals when lights flash at their eyes) and weird long arms, like a mantis. He said its ‘hands’ were rubbing together and it was moving in a weird up and down motion. He and his sister where frighten and drove off as fast as they could. The creature disappeared quickly into the sky and out of sight. We asked if perhaps it was a barn owl or any other animal but he insists it wasn’t, and his sister seems like she just doesn’t want to think about it.
A relative has seen a UFO in that area before, big red orb lifting from his property (in 2007 I believe ). He was able to get his wife outside to see the object flying away in the there is definitely activity in that area. Its a bit concerning, because although I don’t know what to believe in regards to aliens.. what I have read on the ‘praying mantis’ kind – they are ‘bad’.
These sightings happened in Waller, TX near Kickapoo road, field store area. I’m curious to hear if anyone in that area has seen anything similar.




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