Possible abduction in McKinney, TX


  • When:  September 3rd, 2016 at 5:44 AM
  • Where: McKinney (north of Dallas)
  • What: Sleep paralysis followed by auditory “hallucination”

A report of sleep paralysis, common with UFO and alien abduction accounts, as well as an alien(?) message, has surfaced from the Dallas area. It joins many recent reports of gray alien sightings and strange visions and hallucinations. What is going on in the Lone Star State?

I woke up unable to move at 5:00, inside a ship, with a gravely voice in my head saying “This is a message from beyond the stars. Do not be afraid, we are coming.” and it faded into the air conditioner and I was back in my room. 40 minutes had passed.
What do you think of this report, and others like it? Are we experiencing a wave of alien abductions and/or hallucinations? What do you think?



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