UFO Follows witnesses in Austin, TX


  • When: November 2016 (Date being confirmed)
  • Where: Austin
  • What: Strange bright light seemed to follow witness while on the road

A man and his girlfriend saw a mystery light in the sky while driving near downtown Austin. The light then seemed to follow the witnesses and even “scan” their minds!  The witness who uploaded video of the event to YouTube admitted to wanting to see a UFO:


This is kinda nuts because it was so real, no bs or joke here, I love and look for UFOs nightly and seem to find them often but never has one played with my mind sorta like this did. I sound goofy at end of tape cuz people are staring at me with camera out window. UFO stays in upper left hand corner for most part, loud and bouncy tape sorry. It was first seem as it almost called to me to look it’s direction it was one two and at times 3 lights but followed us for about 5 miles but at a good distance before I exited and went east as it followed north to south. 100% real and no doubt it was an extraterrestrial craft or back engineered object. Seemed to be scanning my mind sort of. Didn’t feel evil though either. Crazy tho. Enjoy, this clip was posted on my gfs channel but I had to put it on mine maybe it will see some good views thanks

What do you think of this UFO? Do you think it was following or chasing after the witness? Or this just a simple plane, drone, or satellite?

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