UFO Sighting over Houston, TX

When: January 1st, 2017
Where: Houston
What: Bright light hovering, blinking, and then possibly disappearing

A bright star-like object hovering and flickering on and off over Houston can be seen in a video uploaded to YouTube. The witness described it as looking liike a large fireball. What do you think this UFO is – a drone, alien, plane? As always, you be the judge:


Most likely the new Ferrari flying car prototype. Why? Because this light straight up looked like a fire ball. Recorded at my parent’s house near the airport, I’ve seem millions of airplanes fly by. They all have a typical path and a flashing light of some sort. This flickered in a non frequency manor. It was bright orange like a flame. At one point it stops then take off quick left. No sound at all. I’m pretty good at spotting planes since I myself live right by the airport. This was no commercial airplane. Lastly just in case someone is confused, the blue thing flying around is an obvious reflection.

*There is an interesting video of the object at the website- follow the link above to see it!*



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