UFO Sighting over Duluth, MN


Case #81598 Submitted: 2017-01-18 Occurred: 2017-01-17

My sister and I were siting outside looking at the stars and smoking a cigarette. We noticed a star that looked like it was moving back and forth slightly, then we looked around a little more and saw what we at first thought was a satellite, we started comparing the two, and our attention was locked on the new object. The object was moving towards our direction at a quick rate, looking as if it was above the stars. The object had flashing lights, in a pattern I didn’t recognize from everyday aircraft. The object seemed like it was almost a few blocks away from us, descending, when it switched directions in the sky, heading towards Lake Superior. Seconds later it switched directions again, going over us at an angle, and then again a few more seconds after that. We then watched the object until it vanished before our eyes. The lights, red, were flickering in an unusual pattern, while a white light remained visible almost the entire time.

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