UFO Sighting over Dunnellon, FL

Case # 81597 Reported: 2017-01-18 Occurred: 2017-01-18

So…. I’m ready to farm this out….
We were out on the back porch, ****** was reading, i was yammering about something and scanning the sky as is my habit…
On the back right corner of my lot above the treeline (north east) there were two very distinct lights off in the distance blinking rapidly. They seemed like they were strobing, not blinking like some star or the likes… Unmoving. I first waited to see i they were a helicopter or something headed towards us from a distance flying in tandem with another aircraft, but hour later they were still in the exact spot… strobing the exact way. They were too far apart to be from any one object. I got skeeved and went inside.. ****** wasnt far behind.

SO…. And ideas? Ruled out stars, planets, drones, airplanes, beacons, cellphone towers, helicopters and any other whatnot I could think of. By all means, make it boring… cause it was creepy as @#$%.


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