UFO Sighting over Eiterfield, Germany

Sighting Basics

Case Number 81664
Date of the Sighting 2017-01-21 00:00
Date Submitted 2017-01-21 16:06 (Reported Same Day)
Time Zone Europe/Berlin
Source MUFON
Summary on one place and then it hovered very slowly to the right and from one of another second it was gone
Tags photo video ufo light

Sighting Location

City Eiterfeld
Region Hessen
Coutntry Germany
Postal Code 36132
Latitude 50.78554
Longitude 9.76509
The latitude and longitude presented here is an approximation to protect the reporters identity

Viewing Distance Unknown
Alititude Unknown
Sighting Duration 00:59:00
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Stationary,Straight-line path
Object Shape N, A

Sighting Statistics

• There have been 8 other sightings in Hessen
• There have been no other sightings in Eiterfeld
• There have been no other sightings in the postal code 36132
• There has been one other sighting near Eiterfeld
• There were no other sightings in or near Eiterfeld on 2017-01-20

Sighting Details

Yesterday as my husband and i came from shopping at home , we saw a round light that was falling down the sky! i said to him: let us show where it is! than we drive along the forest to the next village! and than it stands on the sky and shined very bright! and i think it it is so near! i guess it was lesser than 50 meters from the houses! and my husband means! it is enough i don’t believe in UFO ! and drive back home. from home i could it see it still 30 minutes, than it was gone! today i came from feed my chickens at 7 pm as i saw it again ! my nephew canes to the same time to me ! and i showed him the object and ask him that we had seen this yesterday too and a friend from the village near us had seen it too! then we want to see it nearer and we drive to the light! but it was to far away ! and after 30 minutes we drive back home again! and from home i could see it until 8:20 pm ! than it was go away ! and i have post it with photo and video on Facebook and any people from my surrounding has seen it too !




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