UFO Sighting and Entity sighting in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

This happened the night of January 21, 2017 in Lake Geneva, IL My house sits within a forest preserve along with about a dozen other homes, we border Lake Geneva with the shoreline being about 100 yards beyond my backyard. The area is by a winding road that is lined with trees along the length of the road, despite having other homes within a relatively short distance it is mostly isolated and at night there is not a lot of traffic unless it belongs to one of the neighbors.

The night of January 21, 2017, it was relatively mild as the area was going through a warm spell and we were sitting together within our enclosed porch and talking about the day’s events and what not. We then noticed a very intense bright light shining down from above the trees. It lit up most of the area in bright light and at first, we thought it was a helicopter possibly looking for someone who might have gotten lost. The only thing that ruled out that scenario would have been that if it were a helicopter, it would have been just above the trees and at that range, the sound of the engines and rotor blades would have been deafening, this object was perfectly silent. It moved from right to left along the width of our property and towards the top of the hill and our closest neighbor’s property.

My husband, son and daughter in law all got up and stepped out of the porch and watched the object as it continued to light up the entire area as it moved along its path. Within a minute, the light suddenly grew dimmer and eventually grew dark again. We eventually went back to our enclosed porch and talked about this incident as most of us were visibly excited and in awe as to what was causing the bright light.

Another hour passed and we were still talking when the motion detection backyard lights came on, we figured it was possibly a deer as they had the habit of tripping the lights as they passed through our yard. The only thing that was different this time, was that whatever tripped the lights was not immediately seen by anyone. We also noticed that our small dog, who had been sleeping on the floor by the fire pit was not standing up and giving a low growl, like he sensed something. He has seen many deer in his life and they have never solicited much more than head tilt and then dismissal. This time, he was tensed up, growling and looked (as much as a Corgi could) ready for a fight. We sat there and eventually we could see a pair of shadows just beyond the light, toward the trees.  At first, we thought it might be someone out in the woods and yelled at them to beat it as this was private property. The shadows then disappeared into the trees and after about 10 minutes, the lights automatically turned themselves off.  After about 40 minutes, we all decided to turn in and call it a night.

As I prepared to go to sleep, I walked down to the kitchen to get something when I noticed that the backyard lights were on again. This time though, I saw something move out in the yard and immediately called out to my husband and son. I walked out onto the enclosed porch and that’s when I noticed that standing out in the middle of the yard were two very skinny “people”. The only thing was, these were not human looking at all! They were about 4 feet tall skinny and had hands that were almost down to their knees that looked like they ended in large fingers that in the shadows looked like claws. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but was compelled to stay quiet and stand very still. Then they stepped closer and I could see that they had large heads and even larger eyes that looked like they could stare all the way through you. I heard my husband coming down the stairs and calling my name, I turned to look toward him and when he got to my side I pointed out toward the backyard and they were both gone. I told my husband what I saw and what had just happened, it was then that I felt all the fear and anxiety come flooding out. My husband saw that I was shaken and did not question what I had seen. I was very shaken up at first but eventually calmed down enough to go to bed, but kept the bathroom light on the rest of the night.

The next day my husband and son went out into the yard and toward the trees. They found no visible tracks and nothing out of the ordinary. I must emphasize that I have lived in this area for almost 20 years, I am an elementary school teacher who is reasonably educated and my husband is a business owner in Lake Geneva. We have nothing to gain from reporting this and in the entire time we have lived here have never had anything remotely close to this happening. I don’t this was something that anyone could have thrown together as a practical joke and run the risk of getting arrested or even shot.

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