UFO Sighting over Ft. Meyers, FL

Sighting Basics

Case Number 81875
Date of the Sighting 2017-02-01 23:27
Date Submitted 2017-02-02 19:39 (Reported Same Day)
Time Zone America/New York
Source MUFON
Summary 4 objects appeared, fifth came around 20 sec. later. 4 moved in formation. then sep. moving south. not drones
Tags video sound light

Sighting Location

City Fort Myers
Region Florida
Coutntry United States
Postal Code 33912
Latitude 26.55295
Longitude -81.83988
The latitude and longitude presented here is an approximation to protect the reporters identity

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 101-500 Feet
Alititude 500 Feet or Less
Sighting Duration 00:05:00
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Path with directional change
Object Shape Sphere

Weather Details

Max Temp 80°F / 27°C
Mean Temp 65°F / 18°C
Min Temp 50°F / 10°C
Max Visibility 10 Miles / 16 Kilometers
Mean Visibility 10 Miles / 16 Kilometers
Min Visibility 9 Miles / 14 Kilometers
Conditions No Abnormal Weather Conditions

Sighting Statistics

• There have been 4225 other sightings in Florida
• There have been 57 other sightings in Fort Myers
• There has been one other sighting in the postal code 33912
• There have been 161 other sightings near Fort Myers
• There were no other sightings in or near Fort Myers on 2017-02-01

Sighting Details

I came out of work at app. 1125pmest on break. east side of parking lot. saw first object through trees app. 20 degrees moving towards me. thought it was work helicopter, then app. 5 sec later 3 more objects came behind first one. hurried and snapped 2 pictures while walking towards middle of parking, heading east. thought then it was drones but objects made no noise and started turning south while ascending to app. 250-300ft. snapped another picture from middle of parking, looked to see if anyone else was out there, heard voices but didnt see anyone. started recording video then and continued walking towards end/ back of the east parking area. thats when 5th object appeared still from east but this one was heading more sw, 4 object were now heading south, at this time heard what sounded like a shotgun. stopped recording, got in car pulled on work road and started driving down bacck side of work heading south, objects were now about 500 to 750 feet up, there was low clouds moving through area at this time, 5th object was still catching up to other 4, i was looking out left side driver window, trying to get to darker area of work, object moved higher into clouds. there was no erratic movement, thought maybe they might have been chinese lanterns. they moved smooth and when they turned south still maintained stright line movement but gradual ascension. didn’t get opportunity to record again, whole episode lasted between 5 to 10 minutes, about 1/8th of a mile east is open grazing field areas, maybe 1/4 mile is cow fields, all east and south of where i work. airport is further east, about 2 miles. wasnt windy out, light breeze, about 42 degrees f. went back into work, showed coworkers pictures and video, asked what they thought, all said not drones or lanterns, or plane or helicopter,


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