UFO Sighting in White Hall, Maryland

Sighting Basics

Case Number 83582
Date of the Sighting 2017-05-02 06:54
Date Submitted 2017-05-07 23:19 (Reported 5 Days Later)
Time Zone America/New York
Source MUFON
Summary Object seen on all sky cam white hall,md
Tags light

Sighting Location

City White Hall
Region Maryland
Coutntry United States
Latitude 39.61981
Longitude -76.62901
The latitude and longitude presented here is an approximation to protect the reporters identity

Sighting Photos, Videos and Media

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Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance N/A
Alititude Unknown
Sighting Duration 00:05:00
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Unknown
Object Shape Circle

Weather Details

Max Temp 73°F / 23°C
Mean Temp 68°F / 20°C
Min Temp 62°F / 17°C
Max Visibility 10 Miles / 16 Kilometers
Mean Visibility 10 Miles / 16 Kilometers
Min Visibility 10 Miles / 16 Kilometers
Conditions Raining

Sighting Statistics

• There have been 844 other sightings in Maryland
• There have been 3 other sightings in White Hall
• There have been 298 other sightings near White Hall
• There were no other sightings in or near White Hall on 2017-05-02

Sighting Details

Viewed object in 2 frames spanning a 5 minute period, so it was not a plane. one frame shows that it was reflecting light. this sky cam has been offline since seeing this object. here is a link to the sky cam site where i saw the object http://www.Allskycam.Com/u.Php?U=550



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