UFO Sighting in Sarasota, FL

Sighting Basics

Case Number 84086
Date of the Sighting 2017-05-30 22:12
Date Submitted 2017-05-30 22:55 (Reported Same Day)
Time Zone America/New York
Source MUFON
Summary I was sitting in my backyard looking up at the moon i saw a very bright star come out of nowhere just appear, then i watched it for a second and it went straight up and got smaller and smaller and smaller and disappeared right before it past the moon
Tags ufo uso disc light

Sighting Location

City Sarasota
Region Florida
Coutntry United States
Postal Code 34238
Latitude 27.27684
Longitude -82.48210
The latitude and longitude presented here is an approximation to protect the reporters identity

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Alititude Over 500 Feet (under cloudcover)
Sighting Duration 00:00:06
Object Features None
Object Flight Path Other
Object Shape Sphere

Sighting Statistics

• There have been 4353 other sightings in Florida
• There have been 63 other sightings in Sarasota
• There have been 5 other sightings in the postal code 34238
• There have been 194 other sightings near Sarasota
• There was one other sighting in or near Sarasota on 2017-05-30

Sighting Details

I was sitting in my backyard talking on my phone with my best friend, i was looking up at the moon it was in a crescent shape and i was very relaxed, all of a sudden i looked away and look back and there was a very large bright white light in the sky it looked like a star i thought it was strange because it wasn’t there when i blinked my eyes before, i still felt calm and continued to watch it amazed by how bright it was. i then kept staring at it and told my friend to hold on all of a sudden it went straight up and got smaller and smaller and smaller as it went up and then completely disappeared as it crested the bottom of the moon as far as i could see it i have seen ufos my whole life and i’ve had strange things show up on the back of my head in the back of my ears they are like one-inch incisions so my mother has also been visited her whole life i really didn’t discuss this with many people but what i saw tonight is something i have never seen before. i have seen usos or ufos come out of the ocean and into the ocean in sarasota florida on turtle beach 20 years ago but still never talk to people about it what i saw tonight i have never seen it is absolutely undeniable


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