UFO Sighting in Capetown, South Africa

Sighting Basics

Case Number 84343
Date of the Sighting 2017-06-07 13:15
Date Submitted 2017-06-12 17:47 (Reported 5 Days Later)
Time Zone Africa/Johannesburg
Source MUFON
Summary Ufo captured while taking pictures during a storm in cape town on 7th july 2017
Tags ufo

Sighting Location

City Cape Town
Region Western Cape
Coutntry South Africa
Latitude -33.81889
Longitude 18.47494
The latitude and longitude presented here is an approximation to protect the reporters identity

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 501 Feet – 1 Mile, Unknown
Alititude Over 500 Feet (under cloudcover), Unknown
Sighting Duration 00:01:00
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Unknown
Object Shape Circle

Weather Details

Sorry, weather details are unavailable for this event. Why?

Sighting Statistics

• There have been 18 other sightings in Western Cape
• There have been 11 other sightings in Cape Town
• There have been 12 other sightings near Cape Town
• There were no other sightings in or near Cape Town on 2017-06-07

Sighting Details

I took advantage of a break in the storm which hit cape town on wednesday 7th july 2017, at approximately 13h15 and drove down to the beach road at blouberg strand to see what the effect of the storm was on the sea. i took two pictures in quick succession, trying to catch the wave as it broke over onto the pavement (in the first picture) and then the sea foam rushing into the road (in the second picture). i did not see any ufo with the naked eye. when reviewing the picture later, i noticed an unknown object in the second picture. in this picture, the grey “splotches” in the foreground are from dirty sea foam kicked up onto my windscreen from the car in front of me. if you look at the top left hand side of the picture in the clouds and zoom in – you will notice that the grey splotches fade out, but the object remains clear and solid. this object does not appear in the first picture i took a couple of seconds before. there were many, many people on the beachfront at the same time, all with their cameras. i am hoping that one or more of them were also able to capture this object. i have attached both pictures for your information.


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