Car full of people see flying entity on lakefront in Chicago, Illinois 

We were driving down Lake Shore Drive toward North Avenue Beach. In the car with my best friend, my sister, and my boyfriend. As we were approaching the curve near North Avenue beach we saw something fly out from underneath the bridge that goes over the street that separates that big black building in front of Navy Pier (Lake Point Tower) and the beach. It flew straight up into the air and out toward the lake. This was not an owl and it was not a seagull as seagulls are white in color. My boyfriend who was in the front seat with me was the first to see it and showed me and everybody else saw afterwards. It was freaky as f*** to see this thing fly up like that.   It was like completely black and look like a giant flying bat. It flew straight up and out of sight I could not keep watching it as I was trying to drive and not get into a wreck. It was freaky to watch

**The witness and her boyfriend were contacted by a UFOCH investigator and after talking to them the following was added to the sighting report**

The reported sighting occurred on 07/20/2017 at approximately 1700

We saw it fly out from under the bridge, it was flying very fast and was headed toward the lake. It was a large creature, solid black and had wings. The driver was not able to give any details as she was trying to watch the entity and avoid getting into an accident.

The boyfriend was able to give a little more detail. He stated that the creature was solid black, had a pair of large wings that were the same color as the body. It flew out from under the bridge at a very high rate of speed and cleared the trees in a matter of 1-2 seconds as it headed out toward the lake. He did state that it was headed in the general direction of the pier and the water treatment plant.


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