Large flying humanoid seen in the Albany Park/Lincoln Park area of Chicago Illinois

Hi, I saw that you were keeping a timeline of “batman” sightings in Chicago. My friend and I just saw something in Albany Park/Lincoln Square, about half an hour ago (10:30 pm), and I’m not sure who to report it to.

It was a huge black shape that appeared to be gliding high over the Wilson/Kimball area. We viewed it from my balcony about half a mile north of there. We observed it gliding for about 2 minutes before it was lost in the clouds, headed south. It looked somewhat like a bat and that’s what I thought it was at first, but it was just too big! It was hard to tell exactly how big from that distance, but I would guess about an 8 foot wingspan.

We’re pretty spooked by it.  Let me know if you have any advice about who we should report this to.

The witness was contacted by a UFOCH investigator and the following information regarding the sighting was submitted.

On July 29th at 10:30 PM, my friend and I were sitting on my third floor balcony, facing south.  I live in Albany Park, at Drake and Argyle.  We weren’t doing anything in particular, just enjoying the evening and chatting, both of us 100% sober.  We noticed the large black shape in the sky to the south.  It appeared to glide East and then West, possibly circling, for about a minute.  Then it turned South and we lost it in the clouds.  I climbed up to my roof for a better view and watched it get smaller until I couldn’t see it anymore.  My friend attempted to take a video, but as it was dark out, nothing could be seen in the video.  Whatever it was, I seriously doubt it noticed us as it was quite far away.  I believe it may have been following the river.

My friend and I worked together on this drawing to describe the general shape of the thing. No detail could be seen- the shape appeared to be completely black. 



The witness has written us back and provided us with the video that they shot. She provided a quick update on where on the video the entity is supposed to be.

Here’s the video. Sorry it’s only a few seconds- she quickly realized she couldn’t see anything on the screen and chose to watch with her eyes.

When this was taken, the shape was located to the upper-left of the tree. It was much further off than the tree, but they were in the same line of sight.
We are hoping to have the video analyzed to try to extract any sort of information. As soon as it is available, we will post it to the website for your research.

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