Oak Forest, Illinois UFO Sighting made by amateur astronomer

I witnessed an anomalous sky phenomenon on August 1st, 2017, at approximately 10:50 pm. I reside in Oak Forest, Illinois. I am an amateur astronomer, by the way.

On the night of August 1st, 2017 at approximately 10:50 pm. To the best of my knowledge, my sighting did not include an entity; rather, it was an aerial phenomenon, which I will attempt to describe. I was taking our family pet out for one last time before wrapping up for the evening, when something caught my eye in the high western sky, near the zenith, and traveling north and slightly west, at about the same apparent speed as a satellite in high orbit, that is, sort of slow.
It was an unusual sight; a sort of hazy ball of indistinct light, or glowing material, maybe a quarter of a degree wide, surrounded by a circular zone of dark sky, which may also have been a quarter of a degree wide and circumscribed the central glowing region. To complete this picture, there was a halo surrounding the dark, circular zone, creating what looked like a ” bull’s eye “, traveling through the sky! I grabbed my 7 power binoculars and trained them on the sight. That is when I witnessed a change in the central luminosity. It was as if the hazy center was partially condensing into what appeared to be a glowing ingot or short bar of concentrated, yellow-white light, which eventually faded to the hazy, glowing center region again. All of this occurred in the time frame of about 45 to 60 seconds, after which the object appeared to fade into the sky-glow of the north/northwest sky, after which it could not be seen. I think that the object was at high altitude and was quite large ( about as wide as a small finger held at arms length ). It reminded me of footage that was on you-tube of glowing spirals in the sky, however this sighting was not as dramatic.
The object as a whole maintained it’s size and shape, and did not appear to rotate or otherwise maneuver. I am reporting this sighting because I think it is worth mention; I am willing to bet it showed up on Norad radar, as well as others, and anyone who was outside and looked up could not have missed it! Now that this sighting is on record with your organization, perhaps others will report it as well; in any case, it can be there for others to take note of, wonder about, and research the possible causes of this sighting.


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