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Hello, everybody! Quick message before the blog post, I’m very sorry for not posting these past couple weeks, I have had a bit of trouble finding the time and trying to come up with an interesting topic seeing as I don’t wish to mainly write about cryptid’s people know about. Well, now onto the discussion.

The Thylacine, or more commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger, while not exactly a cryptid, it is still apart of the wildly unexplored concept that is the unknown. The last wild Thylacine was killed somewhere between 1910 and 1920. Yet, one survived in captivity, his name was Benjamin (seen below).Benjamin_the_last_thylacine

Benjamin was put in the Beaumaris Zoo (Hobart zoo), Tasmania. He was put in this zoo in 1933 and sadly died in 1936, not long after the Thylacine was marked down as a protected species. Luckily, if you would like to see how this creature acted in captivity, there is a short, silent clip of Benjamin running around his enclosure.

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