Flying Entity sighting in Machensey Park, Illinois

In 2011 I was sitting on my side deck in summer night with my younger son little dog Snowflake and was enjoying the music coming out of my window …Snowflake is her name and she started to bark and looked up towards a tree…I looked up and seen a bird up high ,but it seemed huge ,because I could make it from out and the wings…it was coming east and went over back of home over road behind house and over the Mall behind the house…and within mins I would say 1 to 2 couldn’t see it anymore over mall…and went in to use bathroom and while inside I could hear Snowflake barking and was standing on deck when I went back out and her barking was non-stop…I flipped outside light on and stared up at my roof of the house and smelled a very funny smell… worse and similar like a wet dog…but very intense odor…and got a sense of being watched and spooked so ran in and yelled Snowflake get in…slammed the door and locked it…and stayed in…

The feeling is when I went back outside after using bathroom…and it was for one min to two wondering why Snowflake the dog was barking…is when I got a strange feeling and ran inside with dog and locked door and shut blinds…


A UFOCH Investigator has already reached out to the witness and an interview is upcoming. Once the interview is conducted, all additional information will be posted on the website.


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