Large Flying entity seen near Ohio Street Beach in Chicago, Illinois

**This report was emailed to UFOCH by a witness**

I wish to report an incident that I had on Thursday had about 7:30 p.m. in Chicago. I was out walking my dog and was watching storm clouds as they were coming in. It was then that I saw what I can only describe as a big owl that was in the sky above the lake just offshore of Ohio street beach. It was flying in a circular pattern and look like it was riding thermals as it was not using its wings much to keep it aloft but only gliding. I watched it for about a minute before it dipped down toward the shore and was out of sight.

I waited around for about 5 minutes even walking the half block over toward Lake Shore Drive to see if I could maybe see something from that vantage point. I saw nothing else and then headed home as there was a storm approaching and did not want to be caught outside in the rain. I had heard a lot stories regarding these sightings but never thought I would have one myself.
I did not see a lot of details other than it was a black thing with wings. It was large as it stood out against the sky and you could tell that it was using its wings in flight. I try to rule out a larger than normal seagull or maybe somebody hang-gliding, but none seemed to fit what I had seen.
I’m  reporting this to you to add to your growing list sightings within the city. I asked that I do not be contacted in regards to this or that my name not is used. The reason being that I work for the city of Chicago within city government as administrative staff and do not want this to get out and potentially jeopardizing my job. I am very sincere in my sighting and wish to share it with you but cannot risk losing what has taken many years to accomplish.
I can tell you that these sightings have not gone unnoticed and have garnered much attention but there are powers to be that do not want the increasing number of sightings to jeopardize the summer and potentially scare away tourist but please know that these sightings have not gone unnoticed within City Hall.
Thank you for your time and your attention and I hope that my siding helps add a piece to the puzzle of what is going on in this city.

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