UFO Sighting in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Date of the sighting: Sunday 10th September 2017

Location of the sighting: Exact location was on top of barrack hill, Path Pembroke Dock. On the West side of the defensible barracks. (Old Victorian fort dating from 1843.)

Time of the sighting : 18:00

Weather Conditions: Very windy, constant strong 30 mph from the South West. Straight in off the sea. Bright and sunny. Broken big white fluffy clouds with big bits of clear blue sky in between. Sometimes looking like a shower but passing over quickly without actually raining. a very typical weather pattern for Pembrokeshire coast.

Shape of the object: Egg Shaped

Distance from the object (In Feet): 1001 or greater

Approximately how large was the object? (in Feet): 20-30

Were any entities seen during this sighting?: No

Description of the sighting – Please be as descriptive as possible. : The object caught eye coming toward me glinting with the sun shining on it. It was egg shaped silver in colour all over. Not bright like stainless steel but more of a dull chrome colour. It travelled in a straight line. Not right over my head but in front of me. I had to raise my neck to look up at it but not uncomfortable so. My girlfriend also viewed the object. Nobody else around in the vicinity at this precise moment as looked for other people straight after to see if they had seen it too??? It was a very quiet Sunday evening in a sleepy quiet town. Nobody was in sight.

Hard to believe that nobody else locally would have seen this? As It was about a 1000 feet up. It travelled in a straight line. It was heading in a North West direction out over the sea. It was traveling quite fast. About three or four times the speed of any helicopter. Made no noise at all It was totally silent. Had no wings or rotors. Left no vapour trail. Windows where visible as a central belt around the centre of the craft. This detail was visible due to the sun shining directly on the object like it was in a spotlight.

Viewed the craft for a least 15 to 20 seconds. It made for a large thick cloud mass. Almost as if they knew they where exposed in full view. We constantly scanned all around the edges of the cloud mass as it was breaking up with the strong wind. However never caught another glimpse of it? Like it had disappeared??? Or may have gone straight up???

The craft had appeared to be coming from South East direction in a more of a blue and clearer part of the sky. So may have had to travel over the neighbouring town of Pembroke. Not that high up, not traveling at break neck speed. So surly somebody else saw this??? I have reported this quickly and as accurately as I can. Hoping somebody else can corroborate this clear sighting of a UFO in broad daylight. I have not believed in this stuff before or have any interest in hoaxing or looking for publicity or financial gain. I just feel so amazed and shocked I felt I just had to share and report this.


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