Group encounters flying entity in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago.

This report was submitted to UFOCH on Thursday, September 21, 2017 and appears to detail a sighting by a group of witnesses of a large flying entity in the Little Village neighborhood. Investigators notes will appear below the report.

On September 09, 2017 at about 10:30 pm, I was standing outside with some friends, grilling carnitas and drinking beer and listening to some music. We were on South Harding, just past 25th avenue in La Villita (the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago).  We were talking when we heard a very loud sound that sounded like a scream that was loud enough that the entire neighborhood must have heard it. As we looked around to see if someone needed help, one of my friends saw a large black figure with large black wings landing across the street near (Name Redacted for Privacy)’s house. It landed right past the tree and was standing by the gate to (Name Redacted for Privacy)’s fence. It was easy to see because the fence is white and the streetlight across the street was lighting up the area. It stood there and it seemed to be doing something with its wings. At one point this thing stretched out its wings and they must have been about 9 feet wide but did not look like the wings of a bird. The thing stood there for about 15 seconds more before it must have noticed us and looked right at us with large glowing red eyes and it then shot up into the air and over the houses and was gone. We all saw it and it looked like a black demon with large wings.

Investigators Notes:

An investigator has reached out to the witness via telephone and email in hopes to speak with him regarding the sighting. A message was left for the witness to contact the investigator to discuss the case and once contact is made a full report will be logged into the system and will appear on the site.

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