Winged Entity sighting in Oak Park, Illinois

I was walking toward my apartment with my best friend and another girlfriend after getting off Green line train. It was about 11 p.m. on Friday, February 2, 2017. We were right next to the parking lot next to the YMCA when we saw something land across the street from us. The streetlight gave it some illumination along with the moonlight and it looked like a tall man, but it had a very large black pair of wings. Now I know we had been drinking a bit, but I was sober enough to know reality from hallucination. Besides seeing this thing was enough to make scare anyone sober in a heartbeat.  Seeing a man with wings was already freaky enough, but when we saw what could only be described as its eyes, it sent a chill down my body. The eyes were bright red and seemed to glow from within. It looked at us for maybe 5 seconds before it spread its wings as wide as they could apparently go started to flap them, it then slowly gained altitude, flapping those wings faster and faster till it was above the building and gone.  We could not get back to my apartment fast enough, once inside we closed and bolted the door shut.


Investigators notes:

We have made contact with two of the witnesses and we will be meeting Thursday afternoon for an interview. The results of the interview will be posted later that day.


Spoke with two of the Witnesses yesterday and both seem to be sincere and well-educated professional individuals. Both individuals, a male of 26 years old and a female of 28 years old and have been at their jobs for 5 and 7 years respectively and both do admit to drinking but both confirm that they have never done anything stronger than marijuana.

The third witness was unable to meet with us, he indicated that he would get in touch with me at a later date. I was given some background information on the third witness, he is around the same age as both the witnesses I interviewed, professional and educated as well.

According to the witnesses, they had gone out after work and had arrived at the Green Line Station at Harlem and Lake at about 1130 p.m. and headed to the male witnesses apartment which was about 3 blocks from the train station.
As they were walking toward the apartment, they reportedly saw a large human-shaped entity with large black wings landing across the street from them. They described the entity as being approximately 6-6.5 feet tall, very skinny and lanky with very large wings which were approximately 10 foot wide.

When asked how they determined the wings width, they said that the entity had spread its wings to their full width before taking off into the air. They both described the entities eyes as bright ruby red which glowed from within as it stared at them for a few seconds before taking off into the air. Both Witnesses stated that they watched the entity for about 7 to 10 seconds before the interview notice them and took him to the air. They describe the entity vigorously flapping its wings as it climbed into the air, rising up into the air and above the buildings and out of sight.

The witnesses stood there for about a minute before headed toward their apartment. They described their mood as stunned and shocked.
They both said that they never felt scared or fearful of their sighting.

Both Witnesses were interviewed individually and then together, both corroborated each other stories with no deviation. When asked questions meant to embellish or deviate from their stories, both witness’s quickly corrected the investigator indicating that there was no deception or embellishment of the story. It is the investigator opinion that both witnesses are credible and that the story seems to be truthful.


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