Winged Entity Sighting in Rosemont, Illinois

Sighting Basics

Case 103855
Sighted 2019-10-05 21:45
Submitted 2019-10-07 10:09
(Reported 1 Day Later)
Source MUFON
Summary Tall thin winged creature

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Rosemont
Region Illinois
Country United States
Postal Code 60018

Sighting Specifics

Distance 21-100 Feet
Altitude Landed
Duration 00:00:30
Features None
Flight Path Straight Line Path
Shape Other

Detailed Description

I was sitting in my car awaiting my next Uber/Lyft call. i was parked on the side of the road near toll booth plaza 31 it is a spot many driver share drivers like to park to be close to the o’hare terminals, which allows us to pick up rides from the airport. as i was sitting there, fiddling around my car i saw something walk out of the trees. it was a tall creature about 6-7 feet tall and kind of hunched over. it walked with a sort of gait like almost a waddle. it was completely black when it swiveled it’s head i saw two bright red eyes glowing. this thing opened a pair of large wings, as wide as it was tall and began to flap them. it took off and headed to the south toward that large indoor driving range and the baseball park. it was gone in a few seconds.


The witness made contact with Chicago Mothman Investigation team member Lon Strickler and he was able to give this report which Lon posted on his website at Phantoms and Monsters. I will include the link to the article below.

The encounter was so brief, but I also got a pretty good look at the creature. I was parked by the light pole. It allows me to park a little more off the road. I was fumbling around with some charging cables that lead to the backseat of the car, for my passengers to use while in the car. I had my passenger side windows down to give my A/C a break.

It was then that I saw movement and looked up to see the creature emerging out of the trees. It was large and about 6-7 feet tall. It was human-like in appearance, but almost solid black. The were no real features on this thing, just solid black. It swiveled its head around, looking and scanning and that is where I saw the glowing red eyes. The rest of the body was thin, I remember making note that it looked like a thin person and it was sort of hunched over, because its arms were down to about it’s knees. The wings were about as wide and it was tall, so about 6-7′ in width and looked like the wings of a bat. When it walked it kind of had a weird sort of a waddle, not so much like a penguin but like the kind of stride that a large bird (like an Emu) would have.

It stood there for a few seconds looking around, I know I’m not the only one who saw it because there must have been 3-4 other drivers there waiting for the next call. It unfurled its wings and after a few seconds it began to flap them, slow at first then faster and faster as it leaped into the air. It flew like a large bird would. It used its wings to gain altitude, slowly adjusting itself into a more normal stance. The sounds of the wings were kind of muffled but could still be heard for a few seconds. I will tell you something that I didn’t tell the other investigator, In the moment it emerged from the trees, there was a strong smell of ammonia. It smelled like the old ammonia products that they used to use to clean the bathroom. It was very pungent but not overwhelming. When it took off the smell was gone within a minute of two. It took off in a south direction, headed toward the giant inflatable building that houses the indoor golf range.


Investigators Notes:

An investigation is currently underway and as part of that investigation a member of UFOCH was sent out to visit the sight of the alleged sighting to take pictures and record video. The investigator also talked to several ride-share drivers that were parked alongside of the road. Several said that they had parked at this location on multiple occasions and some had noticed strange things always happening at this locations.
One driver reported seeing strange lights in the sky that he was certain were not airplanes from the nearby O’Hare International Airport. He did not want to elaborate and refused to be on-camera.

An investigator will return to the area to take daylight photos and to try to talk to some of the drivers that park at this area and maybe any toll road employees that will talk to us.  Photos and video will be posted below and will also be posted on the UFOCH Facebook page for all to see.


Link to Video #1 of our night time investigation here

Link to Video #2 of our night time investigation here

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