UFO Sighting over Lajas, Puerto Rico

Sighting Basics

Case 105566
Sighted 2020-01-10 19:05
Submitted 2020-01-14 10:30
(Reported 3 Days Later)
Source MUFON
Summary Lights hovering in the sky after 4th day of earthquakes in lajas pr

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporter’s identity
City Lajas
Region Lajas
Country Puerto Rico
Postal Code 00667

Sighting Specifics

Distance Unknown
Altitude Unknown
Duration 00:33:00
Features None
Flight Path Stationary, Path Then Hovering, Other
Shape Circle

Detailed Description

Shortly after I was having a conversation over the phone with my cousin in Lajas, PR who is a cop, he told me another quake had just happened. i then hung up the phone so he could go to a safe area. about 45 mins later, he sends me a picture his mom sent to him about lights that showed up in the sky flying in all different directions that then stopped and lined up in a straight line for 35 mins or so. I call my father who was with my other cousin and she also sent me a picture of the same phenomenon in a different part of town. my other cousin said after about 35 mins the lights scrambled and disappeared. the 3rd photo i’m showing is from a car accident that occurred over 5 years ago in the highway in pr where life star was called. my aunt was taking a picture of the helicopter and a week after she noticed something strange in the sky on the left upper side of the picture. you be the judge.



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