In response to our detractors

It seems that there are individuals out there trying to smear the name and reputation of the Phantom and Monsters Fortean Research Team and the research and investigations done by the team of the Chicago Mothman sightings.

I’m not going to name the person involved not only because I’m not giving her the fame and attention that she seeks but also she’s simply not worth my time or effort. The person in question was for a brief time part of the research team and was removed from the group due to multiple instances that breached stringent investigative and ethical protocols. Her heavy handed tactics towards witnesses, blatant disregard for the witnesses privacy along with blatant falsification lead to multiple investigations being compromised. This coupled with a unprofessional attitude toward fellow members of the team lead to her being removed as an investigator for the group.

After her removal from the group she went on to conduct a smear campaign trying defame and question the research being done by the group. As a result of her false information and smear tactics she was banned from multiple paranormal conferences. She recently reappeared with accusations of misogyny and bullying by our group. She and a handful of others have launched a campaign to paint members of the research team as misogynistic and non inclusive.

These are unfounded and entirely false accusations that we vehemently deny as our group has a zero-tolerance policy to misogyny, racism, exclusion. Our research team is compromised multiple individuals from all the races, genders, and orientation. We welcome anyone who is serious about the research to join our group and we maintain an absolute zero tolerance policy when it comes to behavior such as this.

While I cannot imagine the reasons that somebody would wish to begin a smear campaign based on lies, I can only guess that this is the orchestrated attempt to focus the limelight on herself using the flavor of the day as a reason to make herself somewhat relevant again. Whether it’s vanity, jealously or simple upbringing this sort of unfounded and untruthful accusations against our team will not be tolerated. We simply choose to be the better person and turn the other cheek and know that the truth will eventually come out and that the accuser will be seen for what she really is.

We instead wish to focus, as always on research and the hunt for the truth. And we do not have the time nor desire to indulge someone in their flights of fancy. The members of our research team take on this endeavor not to seek out fame, money, nor recognition.

We are wholly dedicated to discovery of the truth and simply refuse to be used as a conduit for someone to gain notoriety for research that was not done or to stand upon the shoulders of those who have done the research before her. We simply do not have time or inclination to deal those who only seek out glory and attention for themselves and are not committed to the truth.

That’s all we have to say about this.

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