Manteno, Illinois UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case 109967
Sighted 2020-07-07 20:00
Submitted 2020-07-08 01:03
(Reported Same Day)
Source MUFON
Summary Bright white oval shaped object over lake village/ roselawn indian

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Manteno
Region Illinois
Country United States
Postal Code 60950

Sighting Specifics

Distance Over One Mile
Altitude Over 500 Feet – No Cloudcover
Duration 00:35:00
Features Unknown
Flight Path Stationary
Shape Oval
Detailed Description

This evening at 8:05pm my brother called me on my cellphone. he asked me to go outside my house and look to the south east if i saw a white oval shaped object in the sky. i walked out to my driveway and saw a 767 heading southeast at aprox 20,000-25,000ft then i looked to the east, sky was clear no cloud cover just blue sky and then it just appeared out of nowhere. there it was the object he was talking about. it was a bright white oval shaped craft the size of a pinhead. we observed the object for about 40mins. it seemed to be stationary at a 40degree angle east/slight se from my position manteno il and 40degree angle direct south from my brothers home when he was observing it from in crown point in. he set up his 400mmx20mm telescope and was able to take pictures of the object holding his cellphone camera up to the telescope. after viewing the object for approximately 40mins the object disappeared, vanished liked someone flipped a switch and it was gone. here are the pictures of the object.


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