Alexandria, Virginia UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case 111782
Sighted 2020-10-10 19:30
Submitted 2020-10-12 08:10
(Reported 1 Day Later)
Source MUFON
Summary White orb traveling a straight line path in alexandria va – mostly white but turned and had a chrome side(could have been light) and then disappeared

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Alexandria
Region Virginia
Country United States
Postal Code 22350

Sighting Specifics

Distance 501 Feet – 1 Mile
Altitude Treetop
Duration 00:01:30
Features Unknown
Flight Path Straight Line Path
Shape Sphere

Detailed Description

White sphere traveling over the tree top – crossed 395 near seminary road exit – crossed in front of office building near ida and hilton and then disappeared over ida building. straight line path, smooth movements.

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