UFO Sighting n Durham, North Carolina

Sighting Basics

Case 116143
Occurred 2021-06-09 06:40
Reported 2021-06-09 06:40
(Reported Same Day)
Source MUFON
Summary Popping out very bright lights in sequence one by one then switch off lights and move sw
Tags photo video ufo lights

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Durham
Region North Carolina
Country United States
Postal Code dh1 5nx

Sighting Specifics

Distance Unknow
Altitude Over 500 Feet – No Cloud cover
Duration 00:04:30
Features None
Flight Path Hovering Then Path
Shape Star Like

Detailed Description

The other day due to good weather conditions, I decided to come out late to my garden to observe unusual activity in the sky. i always take two small but powerful torches, my smartphone and a pair of 10 by 25 binoculars. i always spot satellites. however, in many occasions i spot lights which are bigger than stars and when i flush them with my torches they increase their brightness as if waving back at me (this is a fact). the 5th of June 2021, i also spotted another one that did exactly that but i am not always ready record those moments. that night i was on my garden at 23:00 pm and i decided that i was going to stay for about one hour. there is very little light pollution in the atmosphere here in Durham and after being one hour in my garden I was almost ready to go to bed but for some reason I decided to stay a bit longer constantly looking at the sky. I focus at random but some areas catch my attention in particular moments more than other areas within my perspective view.

It was 00:34 am that i was almost certain that i was going to go inside my house again but i squeezed another minute and suddenly without having time to react i started to witness something that I have never witnessed before. i looked up and all of a sudden a very bright light (3 times more bright than the moon and bigger than a star started to pop out literaly) as i look through my binoculars, the light switches off but I can still see the object going towards the north east side or in other words towards the north sea. after about 5 seconds the same sequence repeat again another light and then switches off but able to see the object and going towards the north sea. i was observing these with my own eyes for about 4 minutes. as i was observing this episode i tried to switch my camera.

I decided to open the photo function because in my mobile if you put the photo function & do a video screen shot or record the screen in other words basically you can magnify to 30 x optical zoom instead of the 10x optical zoom of the video if you know what i mean. anyway, it did not go as I planned because I could not see well via the screen what i could actually see with my own eyes which was incredible. I manage to badly record some of it and still was not good enough. so for around 4 minutes i could see this lights popping out from nowhere in the same spot in a repetitive sequence. as if entering within another dimension. it was not the Starlink.

I am very familiar with this. i have a drone myself and by the way I could not hear a thing up there at all, not even a fly. it must have been an altitude of 30000 feet and even though it is very difficult to judge from the ground, it could have been even higher. the objects were big if i consider that i am on the ground. one by one they popped out in a sequence of 5 to 10 seconds intervals and moving across towards the sea clearly dimming down their own lights. the sequence was methodical and i ruled out shooting stars or small bunch of meteorites. as I say it lasted more than 4 minutes

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