Chicago lakefront encounter with possible winged humanoid by trio of witnesses.

I was out for our regular evening walk with my two friends along the lakefront trail. This was on June 3rd, 2021 at about 10 P.M. We were at the museum campus and had just walked around the Adler Planetarium. As we took the path that goes around the backside of the Shedd Aquarium, we saw something ahead of us along the railing. We at first thought it might be someone just taking a break while walking or jogging. As we got closer we saw that it was perched up on the railing and that it was solid black. As we got to within 15-20 feet of it, it turned and we saw what looked like a pair of red eyes and that it had a pair of wings that were on it’s back. We stopped dead in our tracks and this thing started to make a chirping sound followed by a loud screech before it started to flap its wings and took off into the air. As it took off, we heard a scream that came from three women coming in the opposite direction as we were. This thing took off and was gone within a few seconds as it took off toward the Navy Pier. We stood there and caught our breath and got over the fright as did the other women. One of the ladies asked us if we saw the same thing she did and we told her we did. After waiting around for about five minutes to see if we could see it again, we continued on our walk and headed toward home.

I told my girlfriend when I got home and she told me that it might have been a large bird that was perched on the railing and it’s eyes might have been reflecting the lights but she also told me about the “mothman” sightings that have been seen throughout the city and joked around that we might have seen the mothman himself. I initially laughed it off and dismissed it as a misidentified bird but my curiosity eventually got the best of me and I looked up these sightings and that’s what led me to this site. I’m not one to believe in the oogey-boogey but this looked a lot more like a man shaped being more than it did a bird. I just wished I could have gotten a picture of it. You never know, it might have been the legendary Chicago Mothman that I saw, maybe he’s ready to come out to everyone and might even show up at Pride in the Park this year! The funny thing is, I’ve lived in the loop for the last 10 years and we walk the same path 3-4 times a week, always the same path and have seen plenty of birds of all shapes and sizes.
Aside from the occasional homeless person or crackhead I’ve never seen anything out of the ordinary and I’ve never had an issue, even late in the evening. This was the first time I have ever encountered anything like this in all of my time living in the loop. Welp, that’s my story, I hope it helps and if there is anything further I can add, just reach out to me via email.

Investigators Notes:

We have reached out to the witness to set up a time to speak with her regarding her sighting. Further information will be posted as it becomes available. This is an initial sighting report and this case is currently under investigation and any conclusion as to the validity of this report is still pending.

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