Forth Witness Comes Foward in O’Hare Airport Winged Humanoid Sighting

A sketch of the O’Hare Airport Winged Humanoid by Donie Odulio

I was coming up the road toward the exit after leaving work as I approach the curve by United Cargo  I noticed about 8 security vehicles that had gathered around. As I approached I saw something flyover the fence and headed toward the runways. It looked like a giant man with large wings but I only saw it for a second or two before it was gone. I actually got out of my car and try to take a picture before it flew out of range of my camera but within a second or two of me getting out of my car I had somebody yelling at me to get back in my car and get the heck out of there.  I did as I was told and left and as I was driving out more security vehicles were showing up. I decided to report this when I saw that other people were coming forward about what happened that night.

Investigators notes:

I made contact with the witness via phone and was able to speak with him about the events of that night. The witness works at Delta Cargo as a forklift operator and was just getting off of his shift when he came upon the scene unfolding at United Cargo. The witness told of having his own brief sighting of the winged humanoid and had heard multiple stories from other coworkers and other O’Hare employees about the sightings of the “O’hare Mothman”. The witness said that after his own brief encounter he began to keep his cell phone handy just in case he had another sighting and could try to take a picture of the entity.

The witness says he saw the lights as he approached and then was able to see the winged humanoid itself fly up and above the fence, headed in the direction of the runways. The witness stopped his car approximately 20 feet from the curve and got out trying to take pictures of the entity before it faded into the night sky. The witness stated that he was immediately told in a forceful manner to get in his car and leave the area immediately. The witness said the uniformed officer told him to leave in such an aggressive manner that the witness was immediately intimidated and felt compelled to stop everything he was doing, get in his car and leave the area post haste. The witness did state that there were 8-10 security vehicles already on scene and that more were turning the corner and headed to the area as he left and turned onto W. Cargo Rd headed toward the highway.

When asked why such a forceful response for this sighting by airport security and the TSA, the witness stated that anything unauthorised that enters the tarmac area is usually dealt with severely due to the proximity of active planes. When asked about the sightings at O’Hare, he stated that everyone is well aware of these sightings and that many of them are swept under the rug and that he is not surprised that many of the witnesses were told that this was not a misidentified bird while also being told to not speak to anyone about it.

It is the investigators opinion that this sighting is valid, the witness showed no obvious signs of deception and there is no reason to doubt the witness’s report as a hoax or false. The sighting information will be turned over to UFO Clearinghouse and Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team investigators for further study.

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