UFO Sighting over Charlotte, NC

Sighting Basics

Case 117515
Occurred 2021-08-24 20:49
Reported 2021-08-24 22:09
(Reported Same Day)
Source MUFON
Summary Red glowing orb
Tags light

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Charlotte
Region North Carolina
Country United States
Postal Code 28217

Sighting Specifics

Distance Over One Mile
Altitude 500 Feet Or Less
Duration 00:00:10
Features Unknown
Flight Path Path With Directional Change
Shape Fireball

Detailed Description

Driving southwest bound on S Tryon St. and Billy graham pkwy intersection i saw a red glowing orb slightly bigger than a star come down at the speed of a shooting star. at first I thought “fire ball” or very big meteor, but then when it fell to about 20 degrees above the horizon it stopped for a half second and abruptly changed direction to the right (northwest). this happened +/- 5 miles south of the charlotte airport which does not allow drones (plus drones don’t descend at the speed of a shooting star). I’m a commercial airline pilot and know what airplanes look like, this was not it, either. when it moved right it went behind the trees and I lost sight of it. did anyone else see this?

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