Tall winged humanoid seen by multiple witnesses in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Date: April 9, 2022

Time of Sighting: Approximately 2300

Location of Sighting: Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Description: Winged humanoid seen on top of garage by seven witnesses

Status of Case: Under Investigation – referred to Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team

Sighting Report:

We were at my niece’s birthday party and I joined some family members outside for a drink and to smoke a cigarette. We were standing behind the garage when my cousin got everyone’s attention and pointed toward the neighbors garage. There on top of the garage was what looked like a really thin man, except he was hunched over and had extremely long arms, freakishly long arms that he was propping himself up with. He stood there hunched over on his knuckles looking at us with these bright red glowy eyes that did not blink. He had a pair of large wings that seemed to come out from his back and were slowly moving, they looked like he was slowly moving them up and down while he stood there looking at us. We were about 50-60 feet away from this thing but we could still see it from where we were standing. He shifted up and down, almost like he was examining us and trying to figure out who or what we were, as curious about us as we were of him. There were seven of us out there and all of us had a good view of this thing as it stood there on top of the next door neighbor’s garage. My two younger female cousins were saying they were scared of this, calling it a demon. Their dad, my uncle kept telling them that they were going to be ok as long as they stayed by him and the group. It stood there looking at us for what seemed like 30 seconds before it started flapping its wings, and jumped off the garage and flew away. It looked extremely tall and thin, like it was all skin and bones and weighed less than I did. I’m petite, like half the size of my cousins and used to get teased about it growing up but this creature looked like it was even thinner than I was. It looked like a tall version of those starving children that you see on the news every once in a while. It was greyish black, and had a head that looked like it was shaped kind of like a praying mantis, except it had glowing red eyes that never blinked, not even once. When it jumped off the garage roof, it made my cousins and even my uncle scream as it flew off and over the trees in the backyard of my grandmother’s house and it was gone. I know we had been drinking during the party but no one was drunk, not even tipsy and I know we all saw the same thing, which means unless we were all seeing things, this thing was really there.

When we went inside and told the others, my mother and grandmother both thought we were all joking but when they saw that we were all scared and that we were all saying the same thing, they started to believe us. My grandmother and grandfather both said that it could have been a lechusa and that we were lucky nothing happened to us. I’m not sure that what we saw was a lechusa but when I got home I did research and then sent my family members screen shots and links to the sightings.

Sketch submitted by witness

Investigators Notes:

Investigators notes:

I made contact with the reporting witness who stated that she had joined her uncle and her cousins outside while they were sharing drinks and smoking. The witness said everything seemed ok at first and that they were all enjoying the night together and celebrating her niece’s birthday party. The witness said her 18 year old cousin was the first one to see the entity and at first thought it was just a random person, perhaps the neighbor standing on the roof of his garage, which she said seemed strange at 11 o’clock at night. The cousin got everyone’s attention and they all began to look at it. They described the entity as thin and very tall, which they estimated to be about 6-7 feet tall and had a pair of wings coming out of its back. The witness told me that they were all just standing there watching this when her two younger cousins (ages 10-12) began to get scared and wanted to go inside. The creature then leapt off the garage, spreading its wings and flew off into the night.

I spoke with a number of the witnesses including the uncle (age 49) three of the cousins (ages 18, 22 and 27) all of them told the same story. All of the stories were similar in nature and all described the entity as thin, tall and with a pair of wings coming out of its back. I also made contact with three other witnesses and they refused to corporate in the investigation, many of them citing that they were not going to provoke a lechuza for fear of reprisals. This has been a common theme in many Hispanic communities, fear that speaking about or bringing up your experiences would somehow invoke the entity and bring with it retribution for speaking of their encounters.

The investigation is ongoing and any further information will be posted on the website. 


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