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What exactly is UFO Clearinghouse?


This site is dedicated to keeping up to date information on the UFO Mystery. I plan to gather the latest up to the minute information on UFO sightings and reported abductions and present them in an open and objective forum. I plan to provide as much evidence as I can, from photos to videotape as well as detailed interview reports of the events. I welcome other researchers and enthusiasts to submit their sightings and evidence to the sight.

The only rule here is, Keep an Open Mind!



A little bit about me…


My name is Manuel Navarette and I am the founder and lead investigator/researcher for UFO Clearinghouse. I have been actively researching the UFO Phenomenon for the last 20 years although my fascination with UFO’s started at the young age of 6 years old. I remember reading my first book about UFO’s at that age and being hooked ever since. I have had my own experiences that have only help strengthen my resolve to research this phenomenon.

I conceived the idea of creating UFO Clearinghouse during the summer of 2006 when I noticed that many sights did not have dedicated pages that focused on the latest UFO sightings. Many of these sites and forums randomly interspersed current sightings with various other esoteric news as well as reports on older cases from the past. I wanted a place where other researchers and investigators could go to get the latest updates on UFO sightings without the distraction caused by sensationalism that could possibly taint a researcher/investigators efforts to understand what was happening.

My goal with UFOCH is to create a clearinghouse of information that a researcher could access to help with investigations. This information is gathered from many reputable sources such as MUFON and other reputable and respected sources. I vet the information to cull out the hoaxes and false statements that seem to be pervasive in the field of Ufology and post only those that have passed my rigorous standards for integrity and evidence shown.

You will not find wild conspiracy theories here, no space wars, no space brotherhood and certainly no exopolitics. The material presented within UFOCH is strictly for research and investigative purposes and we wish to keep it as sterile an environment as possible, free of the corruption of conspiracy and fringe theories.

I hope you find your stay at UFOCH to be pleasant and productive and as always, I welcome constructive comments and suggestions that would help make UFO Clearinghouse a better place for everybody.

Thank you for visiting UFO Clearinghouse!

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