Security guard reports sighting of winged humanoid and triangular shaped UFO near O’Hare Airport.

Please note, This is an ongoing investigation and additional information will be posted as the investigation progresses.

I work as a security guard for a local security company and was working at a construction area near O’Hare airport. I was just relaxing in my truck listening to some podcast. It was about 1:00 am and it had been the usual quiet shift. My shifts there are usually pretty quiet, only the occasional homeless person wandering onto the site or horny teenagers looking for a dark, out of the way place to park.
I was sitting there with the window open when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye that caught my attention. I got out of the truck and went to walk around and see if anyone might have wandered onto the site. The construction site I was on was used to make asphalt and there’s a large grinder to crush rock down and that is where I was walking towards when I again saw movement near the area where the dump trucks are loaded. I saw a very large, dark figure standing there, dark black but had a pair of large red glowing eyes. It stood at least 7 ½ feet tall and just stood there silently with a large pair of outstretched wings that it slowly flapped open and then shut. I called out to it and then shined my light toward it when the entire area was lit up in a bright whitish blue light. The light was so bright that I could see the equipment and the lot as clear as the middle of the day. When I looked again the figure was gone and a really large boomerang shaped ship was moving away from the site. The edges of the ship had white lights on it and it was only about 60 feet in the air. It got higher as it moved away and then shot into the sky and was gone in a fraction of a second. I won’t lie, I almost shit my pants when I saw this and ran back to my truck where I rolled up the windows and locked the doors. I was scared, very, very scared but stayed on post with the truck turned on and the headlights on till about 5 am when I left. I served two tours of Afghanistan while in the Army and have been in combat before and yet I was shaken to my very core after this incident. I only calmed down when I saw the sky getting lighter as the dawn approached but I’m sure that if it had wanted to hurt me, it would have done it and there’s nothing much I would have done about it. That’s what I saw, I am 150% certain that what I saw was real and not a hallucination, I do not drink and I have never touched a single drug in my entire life, I am not a religious person and don’t believe in things like demons but whatever this was, it was not human and did not belong here. I told my wife about it the next morning and it was her who told me about the things being seen at the airport in the last few years and even showed me this blog on her phone. I’m not sure what I saw but I hope my reporting this to you helps you in finding out what it is.

Thank you

Investigators Notes:

I was able to speak to the witness and determine the exact location of the sighting, which was a construction site set up as part of the ongoing O’Hare Airport expansion. The construction site is located at the intersection of W. Irving Park Rd. and Taft Ave (photos enclosed along with the report) the location is located approximately 4,025 ft from Resthaven Cemetery (in a straight line or 2.10 miles via the highway). The witness said he was on duty at about 1 a.m. on September 24, 2021 and was there to make sure no one was coming onto the construction site to steal or damage any of the equipment. The witness said he never had anything of this sort happen before, he has seen lights and orbs in the sky but he always assumed they were just airplane lights associated with day to day operation of the airport. When asked if he had heard of the winged humanoid sightings being reported at O’Hare, the witness stated that he had not. When asked for background information, the witness stated that he had been with the security company for a little over a year and had previously retired from active service with the United States Army and had served multiple campaigns in Afghanistan during his tenure in the Army.

When asked about the sighting itself, the witness had stated that he had seen movement and had gone to investigate when he came upon the winged being. The being was standing upright on the ground and he approximated that it was 20 feet from the witness. The being had a pair of black wings that were unfurled and were noticeable due to the background lighting from the surrounding area from buildings and street lamps. When asked if the entity was doing anything, the witness said it was just standing there and looking right at him. The witness described the being as being approximately 7 1/2 feet tall and thinly built with red eyes and had a wingspan of about 10 feet according to the witness. The witness stated that he stood there looking at him for about 3-5 seconds before the area was bathed in a bright white light that lasted for about 1-2 seconds. The witness stated that he could see the immediate area around him as clear as day and associated it with the same kind of brilliant flash seen when a large meteorite or fireball lights up the sky. When the witness looked, the being was gone and about 60 feet above him, the witness saw what he described as a very large triangular shaped craft that had lights along the edge and at the corners slowly moving away from his location. The object kept moving away and gaining height for a few seconds before it shot into the distance and was gone.

When asked if he had experienced any missing time, nausea or disorientation associated with his experience, the witness stated that he did not and that the rest of the night was uneventful other than it frightening him to the point that he kept all the doors locked and the truck turned on till he left right before dawn. The witness stated that he had never seen anything like this in his life and had no explanation as to what had transpired to him. When asked if he went back to work, the witness stated he had the weekend off but had returned to work the following Monday and has had no other incidents happen to him.

It is the opinion of the investigator that the witness has shown no signs of fabricating the story and seems to be genuine with his recounting of the events of the night and warrants further investigation
. A field investigation will be conducted and any pictures and information obtained will be posted to the website.

Multiple winged humanoids reportedly seen at Chicago O’Hare Airport by witness

I just saw one of the craziest things I have ever seen in my *explicative* life! I had just arrived for work and was in the car hitting my pen and waiting for 10:45 so I could walk in and clock into work. I then heard a loud screaming sound that sounded like one of those ceremonial death whistles the Aztec used in rituals back in ancient times. I got out of my car and saw a large flying man with glowing red eyes fly over my car, followed by another one and about 10 seconds later, I saw a third one fly over. They all started flying above the cemetery across the street when a fourth one showed up that was way, way bigger than the others. He looked like a character from the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon show back in the 80’s. It was a character named Shadow Demon. 

I saw them flying over the cemetery when a bright blue circle opened up right above the trees that are in the center of the cemetery. It was a very bright blue light that lit up the immediate area as bright as day. I could see the headstones for a brief second and then it and the flying men were all gone. The only one that was left was the Shadow Demon looking creature and he just faded into the night. One thing I noticed was that before the flying men showed up, you could hear cicadas and crickets chirping and afterwards, it was dead silence.
It was the creepiest thing I have ever seen!

Investigators Notes:

An investigator with UFO Clearinghouse and the Phantom and Monsters Fortean Research Team has reached out to the witness in order to set up an interview. An investigator will also be dispatched to visit the area in question. Information will be posted to this page as it becomes available. 

Carlsbad, California UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case 117508
Occurred 2021-08-23 02:05
Reported 2021-08-24 16:06
(Reported 1 Day Later)
Source MUFON
Summary 5th ufo seen in my life 2nd for my husband. my first one there was loss of time.
Tags ufo

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Carlsbad
Region California
Country United States
Postal Code 92008

Sighting Specifics

Distance Over One Mile
Altitude Over 500 Feet – No Cloudcover
Duration 00:05:00
Features None
Flight Path Path With Directional Change
Shape Disc

Detailed Description

My husband filmed it on his phone. it grainy but you can see how fast it was moving. the on on the right was stationary while the one on left move up and down side to side fade in and out. there was a third one. he had a church blocking it but went up three times above church next door. that one was extremely bright. it quick at rooftop they are clearer on my husbands phone

Frederick, Maryland UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case 117510
Occurred 2021-08-24 04:56
Reported 2021-08-24 19:37
(Reported Same Day)
Source MUFON
Summary Taking picture of what appeared to be a light blue moon
Tags photo light fireball

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Frederick
Region Maryland
Country United States
Postal Code 21702

Sighting Specifics

Distance Unknow
Altitude Unknown
Duration 02:00:00
Features Unknown
Flight Path Unknown
Shape Sphere

Detailed Description

I was backing into my garage around 5 am when i looked up and saw the moon, or what appeared to be the moon. according to my moon watcher’s app it was supposed to have set at 3:34 am. so why was it still high up in the sky? when i tried to take a picture, no matter what angle i tried the camera would capture what looked like a fireball with a large aura around it. question: can the moon do this since it is reflecting sunlight? full moons can tricky to photograph, but you can still tell it is the moon in your picture, and not some smaller ball of light….

UFO Sighting over Charlotte, NC

Sighting Basics

Case 117515
Occurred 2021-08-24 20:49
Reported 2021-08-24 22:09
(Reported Same Day)
Source MUFON
Summary Red glowing orb
Tags light

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Charlotte
Region North Carolina
Country United States
Postal Code 28217

Sighting Specifics

Distance Over One Mile
Altitude 500 Feet Or Less
Duration 00:00:10
Features Unknown
Flight Path Path With Directional Change
Shape Fireball

Detailed Description

Driving southwest bound on S Tryon St. and Billy graham pkwy intersection i saw a red glowing orb slightly bigger than a star come down at the speed of a shooting star. at first I thought “fire ball” or very big meteor, but then when it fell to about 20 degrees above the horizon it stopped for a half second and abruptly changed direction to the right (northwest). this happened +/- 5 miles south of the charlotte airport which does not allow drones (plus drones don’t descend at the speed of a shooting star). I’m a commercial airline pilot and know what airplanes look like, this was not it, either. when it moved right it went behind the trees and I lost sight of it. did anyone else see this?

Forth Witness Comes Foward in O’Hare Airport Winged Humanoid Sighting

A sketch of the O’Hare Airport Winged Humanoid by Donie Odulio

I was coming up the road toward the exit after leaving work as I approach the curve by United Cargo  I noticed about 8 security vehicles that had gathered around. As I approached I saw something flyover the fence and headed toward the runways. It looked like a giant man with large wings but I only saw it for a second or two before it was gone. I actually got out of my car and try to take a picture before it flew out of range of my camera but within a second or two of me getting out of my car I had somebody yelling at me to get back in my car and get the heck out of there.  I did as I was told and left and as I was driving out more security vehicles were showing up. I decided to report this when I saw that other people were coming forward about what happened that night.

Investigators notes:

I made contact with the witness via phone and was able to speak with him about the events of that night. The witness works at Delta Cargo as a forklift operator and was just getting off of his shift when he came upon the scene unfolding at United Cargo. The witness told of having his own brief sighting of the winged humanoid and had heard multiple stories from other coworkers and other O’Hare employees about the sightings of the “O’hare Mothman”. The witness said that after his own brief encounter he began to keep his cell phone handy just in case he had another sighting and could try to take a picture of the entity.

The witness says he saw the lights as he approached and then was able to see the winged humanoid itself fly up and above the fence, headed in the direction of the runways. The witness stopped his car approximately 20 feet from the curve and got out trying to take pictures of the entity before it faded into the night sky. The witness stated that he was immediately told in a forceful manner to get in his car and leave the area immediately. The witness said the uniformed officer told him to leave in such an aggressive manner that the witness was immediately intimidated and felt compelled to stop everything he was doing, get in his car and leave the area post haste. The witness did state that there were 8-10 security vehicles already on scene and that more were turning the corner and headed to the area as he left and turned onto W. Cargo Rd headed toward the highway.

When asked why such a forceful response for this sighting by airport security and the TSA, the witness stated that anything unauthorised that enters the tarmac area is usually dealt with severely due to the proximity of active planes. When asked about the sightings at O’Hare, he stated that everyone is well aware of these sightings and that many of them are swept under the rug and that he is not surprised that many of the witnesses were told that this was not a misidentified bird while also being told to not speak to anyone about it.

It is the investigators opinion that this sighting is valid, the witness showed no obvious signs of deception and there is no reason to doubt the witness’s report as a hoax or false. The sighting information will be turned over to UFO Clearinghouse and Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team investigators for further study.

Ground Crew witnesses Winged Humanoid Sighting and Airport Security Response

Depiction of the O’Hare Winged Humanoid by artist Vincent Richardson

Sighting Basics

Case 117223
Occurred 2021-07-22 00:00
Reported 2021-08-10 09:14
(Reported 19 Days Later)
Source MUFON
Summary Tall man with wings and red eyes

Sighting Location

Approximation to protect the reporters identity
Region Illinois
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Distance Unknown
Altitude Unknown
Duration 00:00:00
Shape Unknown

Detailed Description

I am part of the ground crew for a major air cargo facility at O’Hare and we were working on unloading a cargo plane that had arrived earlier that evening. I was operating one of the lifts that lifts cargo containers down from the plane to the ground. it was about ten at night when the call came over our radios that there was a report of an unknown person being seen on the tarmac near the fence. I began looking around and saw a large man standing approximately fifty feet away from us, near the fence separating us from the road. he must have been close to seven feet tall, but i was not close enough to tell for sure. he was wearing what looked like a black coat and was just standing there. i radioed my supervisor that I saw someone over by the fence and my supervisor ran over to where I was at, by this time the entire ground crew was aware of this man’s presence and was radioing in to their supervisors. it must have been no more than 20 seconds after that that the first of man airport security vehicles showed up. one approached the man from the other side of the fence while another two drove past us and stopped short of the man who by this time was easier to see with the car lights on him. it did not look like any man I have ever seen, he was solid black and had red eyes that must have been reflecting the lights like cats eyes, it also had wings that were now spread open and must have been 15 feet from tip to tip. this man let out a loud screech, it sounded a lot like a barn owl when it tried to warn you away. this man then started flapping its wings and took off, you could hear the sound of the wings as it took off into the air and was gone in seconds. I was honestly scared for my life and started to pray for protection. I know in this world that demons walk among us and I was certain that whatever this thing was, it had to be demonic and an agent of the devil. a lot of my coworkers were also very frightened after this thing took off and many of them ran inside the safety of the plane when it took off. I am certain that this was a demon and it must have been sent here to frighten us.

Original link:

Investigators Notes:

I spoke with the witness in regards to his sighting. The witness was at first very hesitant and was not willing to go into much details due to the threat of losing his job. The witness said they were explicitly told to not talk to any media or investigators about any of the events that transpired that night or risk being disciplined, up to and including termination of employment. The witness was assured that his anonymity would be preserved and that no information would be shared with anyone outside of the research team investigating this sighting.

After about a half hour of talking and reassurance, the witness opened up about his sighting and the investigator was able to make some headway in getting information from the witness in regards to his sighting. The witness said he initially contacted the Mutual UFO Network regarding his sighting and then contacted us after seeing UFO Clearinghouse and Phantoms and Monsters run the story about his reported sighting. When asked if he spoke with a MUFON field investigator, the witness said one contacted him via email and they exchanged one or two emails but after that there was radio silence and the investigator did not reach out to him again. The witness did provide information to the investigator regarding the sighting and included a sketch of the creature he reportedly saw. When asked if he could provide a copy of the sketch, the witness said he did not have it but could draw another for me.

When asked about the sighting, the witness said they were unloading a cargo plane that had just recently arrived and that there were about eight other people working both in and out of the place plus one or two supervisors watching over the operation. The witness said someone got on the radio reporting someone was on the tarmac by the fence. That is when the witness looked over and saw the entity. He described it as approximately 6-7 feet tall and thin with a large pair of black wings that were at least 10 feet across and with bright red eyes. The witness says that the entity was standing near the fence and appeared to be observing them and did not appear to move toward them at all. The entity just stood there slowly moving its wings back and forth slowly. According to the witness, the first TSA and Airport Security personnel showed up within 2-3 minutes of the initial sighting and they shined their flashlights directly at the entity. The entity then screeched and began to flap its wings faster and took off into the air. He stated that he saw the entity circle around twice before heading off toward the runways and into the night. When asked why no one took a picture, the witness stated that he was in complete and total shock at what he was observing and the thought of taking a picture had not crossed his mind. He stated that if he had been observed taking a picture, it would have probably been confiscated by his superiors and TSA.

When asked what was told to him after the encounter, the witness stated that they were told to get back to work and not to talk about any of what had just happened. The witness said they were all pulled into a meeting the next day and told that it was nothing more than a large owl or heron and that they were explicitly told not to talk to anyone from the media regarding this sighting and that disciplinary measures would be strictly enforced including termination. The witness said that his direct supervisor along with a company executive were at this meeting and they were told to “forget the entire episode” and focus solely on their work. The witness said the company executive came off with an aggressive stance against the employees involved in the incident and it was he that told the employees that any one who spoke out about the events of the previous night would be dealt with directly by himself and his superiors and that they would be dealt with harshly. 

When asked why he decided to speak out, the witness said he felt it needed to be told that these events are happening and that someone needed to know what he and his coworkers saw that night. When asked if he was scared of losing his job, the witness said he genuinely was and that is why he was going to such extraordinary lengths to protect his identity. It was at this point the witness said he would go no further and the investigator thanked him for his time and concluded the interview.

It is the investigators opinion that this witness does sound credible and does not seem to be attempting to deceive anyone with a fabricated story. The fact that multiple witnesses have come forward to corroborated this sighting has only lent credence to the validity of this sighting

Winged Entity Sighting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am very sorry for sending this so late but I had to write it all down while the experience was still fresh on my mind and let’s face it, after what I just saw I seriously doubt I will get any sleep till the sun is up and I have calmed down somewhat.

I am working as part of the clean up crew during the Wisconsin State Fair and tonight I was by the main stage, helping to clean up after the concert that had let out earlier tonight. I was with another person who was about my age, we were talking about the concert that had let out about 2 hours before (some Christian rock group) and we were toward the far right hand side of the stage picking up trash and just talking when my partner all of a sudden yelled out “What the fuck is that?” I looked up and there about 30 feet in front of us, toward the parking lot was what looked like a very tall being but it wasn’t like any person I have ever seen before. It was about 7 feet tall and thin but still looked very solid, it was coal black and had two glowing yellow eyes and it had wings! Literal fucking wings that must have stretched out 12 feet from tip to tip coming out of it’s back. This thing looked like a literal demon from the depths of hell and it appeared to be staring directly at the stage where there were still people breaking down equipment from the earlier concert. It’s only now that the irony sticks out, what looks like a literal demon from hell checking out the stage after a Christian rock concert. This thing took a couple of steps toward the stage, it looked like it wasn’t all that steady on its feet but I wasn’t close enough to see what its feet looked like nor was I stupid enough to get closet to this thing. It stood there for about 10 seconds before it turned its head and looked right at us. The air felt like it was drained straight out of my lungs and I felt an overwhelming sense of terror, not fear but absolute terror, like my life was going to end right then and there and this thing was going to snatch my soul and drag it down to hell. It then flapped its wings rapidly a couple of times almost like it was stretching them out and took off into the air and was gone. It was swallowed up by the night and was done in a matter of a few milliseconds.

I’m not sure how long we stood there but it wasn’t until someone came up to us and asked us if we had seen someone they were looking for that we snapped out of it. The person asked us if we were alright and then asked us if we were high. We told him what we had seen and I’m not sure if that only helped reinforce his belief that we were actually stoned. He told us that maybe it was just a big owl or some other bird and maybe the lights from the stage and the shadows had made it seem bigger than it really was. I’m confident that what I saw was real and it stuck in my head all night long. My partner looked like he had seen the devil himself, he said it had scared him and he was going to stick toward the well lit areas for the rest of the night. We eventually got to work and went home about 2:30 A.M.

Investigators notes:

I was able to get in contact with the witness and she told me how she was doing cleanup at the Wisconsin State Fair for added money as a witness is a student going to her final year of college.

I asked her about the other person who was witness to this sighting and she claimed that she had but talked to him or seen him since the initial incident. 

When asked about the fighting she stated that she was approximately 30 feet from the stage and was picking up trash after a concert had let out for the night. She stated that the entity I was standing out and what would be a parking lot. The witness stated that the area is used as a motor track when it is not being used during the Wisconsin State Fair and that the area where this happened was usually the infield for the track. When asked to describe what she saw she stated that the entity was approximately 7 ft tall and was a very dark shade of black and that it had a thin look to it and glowing yellow eyes. I asked her if they were glowing from within or where they may be reflecting the surrounding light and gave them the illusion of glowing. The witness said she could not answer that and that they only appeared to be glowing. 

The witness stated that the entity seemed to be preoccupied with people who were helping put away equipment after the concert and initially did not seem to notice her or her partner. After watching the stage the entity seemed to have noticed them and turned toward them. The witness said that she felt as if all the air in her lungs left her body and she was gripped with a feeling of fear that immobilized her and prevented her from screaming or trying to run away. The entity then extended its wings and took off.

When asked if this could have been anything like a large owl or crane. The witness said it was too large and seemed to have some intelligence to it and that she was certain it was not a bird or other creature.  When asked what she thought it could be,  she said it was probably a demon. When I asked if the witness had returned back to work she did advise that she returned the very next night and every night since then. When asked about her partner she stated that she has not seen him and had no way of getting in contact with him. 

It is the investigators opinion that the witness did indeed see something that night but without further corroborating evidence from the other witness, then what it was that they witnessed that night is inconclusive. It is the investigators opinion that this case warrants further investigation and will be passed on to members of the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team.

Winged Humanoid Sighting at O’Hare International Airport prompts security response

I was walking to my car with two of my friends after getting off of work, we were talking about the day and how it felt good to get off and head home. As we approached the car, I saw something moving across the street but on the other side of the fence. It was dark but you could easily see it as the entire area was lit up and there was a plane that had been brought up near the fence for unloading/loading and there was a lot of activity around the plane.

As we walked, I pointed it out to my friends and they also saw the same thing. About this time a white SUV came driving up with it’s emergency flashing lights on and came to a halt on the road on the other side of the fence. Two men jumped out and shone some flashlights on this person, prompting the person to turn around and stare at them. It looked to be about 6-7 feet tall and was a very dark shade of grey, almost black and had what looked like two large glowing red eyes, but that could have been from the flashlights being shined in his direction. About 10 seconds after the first vehicle arrived, another came up on the same side of the fence as this person and illuminated the person with its headlights. I remember hearing my friend say “Lord have mercy” as we watched the scene unfold in front of us. It was about this time that the person opened up what looked like a pair of giant bat wings and flew up into the air, as it flew up and over the people that were now gathered around, it let out a loud screech that sounded a lot like train brakes or the brakes from a large truck. It flew around in a large circle twice, screeching and then flew out over the fence and toward the runways and the terminals in the distance. As we watched, it was when a white pickup truck with a TSA emblem came up toward us with its emergency lights on and told us and the others who had gathered in the parking lot to clear out and get in our cars and leave the area immediately. We did as we were told and as we drove out of the parking lot, we saw another three marked vehicles and just as many unmarked vehicles pulled into the street and parking lot, all with their lights on.

I took my friends home and we talked extensively about it. One of my friends who worked the later shift at United told me that airport security and TSA were in the area and asking people who stepped outside to please go back in for their safety and were out there for at least an hour to an hour and a half. I did some research and came across a podcast where you had been the guest and got your information.

Investigators Notes:

I was able to reach out and speak with the witness who submitted the report and was also able to get the contact information and permission to reach out to the other two witnesses from the initial witness.

The sighting happened on Thursday, July 22nd at approximately 10:30 P.M at the United Cargo facility located on the grounds of O’Hare International Airport. The approximate distance from the witnesses to the entity was about 25-50 yards.

All three witnesses are in their mid-thirties and work at the United Cargo sorting facility and have been there for a number of years. All three witnesses were interviewed separately and all three basically tell the same story, as seen from three different points of view. All three tell of the entity being seen by the initial witness who then told her other two friends to “look at that over there”. What stuck out as odd to them was the fact that the entity was so close to the fence and was clad in all back, in contrast to the high visibility attire worn by ground personnel. One of the witnesses said that she initially was worried that it was a person who had hopped the fence and was going to approach the nearby plane. The witnesses told the investigator that there were multiple ground personnel working in the area and that one of the control towers was about 100 yards away, which probably prompted the immediate response by airport security and the TSA.

When asked to describe the entity, all three gave pretty close descriptions of a solid black entity, about 6-7 feet in height (approximations considering the distances of the witnesses) and when it turned to face the security personnel, it was described as having glowing red eyes but the witnesses could not agree on if the eyes were self-illuminating or they were simply reflecting the light of the security personnel’s flashlights. All three witnesses did describe that the entity did have a large set of bat-like membranous wings that were approximately 10-12 feet in width and that it did flap them to get into the air. All three describe the noises the entity made as sounding like train brakes or truck brakes and all three describe the sound as very loud. The entity did circle the area at least twice, which is something that until now has not been described by prior witnesses. The entity then flew off to the north and toward the active runways.

All three witnesses did describe the response by airport security and the TSA as “aggressive and swift”. They describe that they were asked to leave the area immediately and in no uncertain terms. This is also unprecedented as with prior sightings, the response by airport security was not as swift and aggressive as with this one.

This latest sighting is only a few hundred yards from the now infamous Resthaven Cemetery and the Fed-Ex cargo facility where a number of anomalous sightings have been reported and is next door to the facility where a supposed grey alien was sighted about two years ago. The entire area where this latest sighting occurred has accounted for a large number of sightings that have been reported.

It is the investigators opinion that this warrants further investigation by the UFO Clearinghouse investigations team and all information be passed onto the Phantom and Monsters Fortean research team for possible follow up investigation.

Chicago lakefront encounter with possible winged humanoid by trio of witnesses.

I was out for our regular evening walk with my two friends along the lakefront trail. This was on June 3rd, 2021 at about 10 P.M. We were at the museum campus and had just walked around the Adler Planetarium. As we took the path that goes around the backside of the Shedd Aquarium, we saw something ahead of us along the railing. We at first thought it might be someone just taking a break while walking or jogging. As we got closer we saw that it was perched up on the railing and that it was solid black. As we got to within 15-20 feet of it, it turned and we saw what looked like a pair of red eyes and that it had a pair of wings that were on it’s back. We stopped dead in our tracks and this thing started to make a chirping sound followed by a loud screech before it started to flap its wings and took off into the air. As it took off, we heard a scream that came from three women coming in the opposite direction as we were. This thing took off and was gone within a few seconds as it took off toward the Navy Pier. We stood there and caught our breath and got over the fright as did the other women. One of the ladies asked us if we saw the same thing she did and we told her we did. After waiting around for about five minutes to see if we could see it again, we continued on our walk and headed toward home.

I told my girlfriend when I got home and she told me that it might have been a large bird that was perched on the railing and it’s eyes might have been reflecting the lights but she also told me about the “mothman” sightings that have been seen throughout the city and joked around that we might have seen the mothman himself. I initially laughed it off and dismissed it as a misidentified bird but my curiosity eventually got the best of me and I looked up these sightings and that’s what led me to this site. I’m not one to believe in the oogey-boogey but this looked a lot more like a man shaped being more than it did a bird. I just wished I could have gotten a picture of it. You never know, it might have been the legendary Chicago Mothman that I saw, maybe he’s ready to come out to everyone and might even show up at Pride in the Park this year! The funny thing is, I’ve lived in the loop for the last 10 years and we walk the same path 3-4 times a week, always the same path and have seen plenty of birds of all shapes and sizes.
Aside from the occasional homeless person or crackhead I’ve never seen anything out of the ordinary and I’ve never had an issue, even late in the evening. This was the first time I have ever encountered anything like this in all of my time living in the loop. Welp, that’s my story, I hope it helps and if there is anything further I can add, just reach out to me via email.

Investigators Notes:

We have reached out to the witness to set up a time to speak with her regarding her sighting. Further information will be posted as it becomes available. This is an initial sighting report and this case is currently under investigation and any conclusion as to the validity of this report is still pending.