Group sighting of Winged Humanoid in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood

Image courtesy of Vincent Richardson

I was just hanging out with my friends in the alley by the panaderia (Mexican Bakery). We use the alley and the parking lot to skateboard and just hang around and talk. There were 5 of us and we saw this thing standing on top of the flea market across the parking lot. It looked like a large man but he had wings that were wider than a car. It was watching us and it had very bright red eyes that looked like the tail lights of a car. It stood there making these chirping noises that we could clearly hear, even from across the parking lot.
It stood there for about a minute watching us, it made us all feel like we were in danger and that it was after us. It then shot straight into the air and flew over us, the entire time it kept watching us as it flew over. My friend wanted to run but we told him to stay still or it might chase us and it would lead it to where we lived. I silently prayed to La Virgin de Guadalupe for protection and this thing kept flying away from us and headed off in the direction of the arch. It made us all very scared and when we talked about it the next day, we felt that one of my friends’ ex-girlfriend might have sent it after us. She practices Brujeria and it just seems like something she would do. If it was meant to scare us, then it did what it was supposed to do as all of us were scared out of our wits.

Investigators Notes:

The sighting took place on Sunday February 5th, 2023 at about 11:00 P.M. in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, IL

I talked to the initial witness who made the report and he stated that they usually would go out to the parking lot and alley behind La Baquette Bakery, a local bakery that has been a staple of the Little Village neighborhood for many countless years. They used the area to skateboard and was a relatively safe place to hang out without having to leave the neighborhood. They estimated that it was about 1100-1130 P.M. and it was clear and not as cold as it had been in the last few weeks. They reported a clear, moonlit night and that they were relatively alone in the parking lot.

The entity was sighted perched on the roof of the local flea market which sits on the same parking lot about 50 yards from where they were. The witness stated that it was a pitch black, humanoid shaped entity that he guessed was at least 7 feet tall but was unsure and that it had enormous wings that he stated were as wide as a car. The witness describes the creature had bright red eyes that he compared to the intensity of a car’s headlights.

The group said they felt scared, like this thing was after them and one of the group felt like running but his friends stopped him, they feared it would trigger a prey response by the entity that would have followed them home. The witness stated that it watched them from atop the building before taking flight, even in flight the entity did not take its eyes off of them and eventually flew out of sight.

When asked what the witnesses’ thoughts to this sighting were, he suggested that maybe it was sent by his friend’s ex-girlfriend. He recounted that they had broken up recently and she had been very upset over the breakup. The ex was known to be a practitioner of the Mexican witchcraft known as Brujeria.

I have reached out to the other witnesses through their friend and have yet to hear back from them, I will attempt to reach out again in a few days and any updates will be posted to the website. This sighting will be forwarded to the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team for further investigation. 

Witness recounts a 1998 winged humanoid sighting in Iron River, Michigan.

This witness commented on a social media post regarding the recent O’hare winged humanoid sighting and the investigator reached out to discuss her sighting from 1997-1998. This is the witness’s report of the events of her sighting.

“It was grayish/white and it happened in Iron River, Michigan (Mineral Hills) where I was born and raised…. Also there was talk of alien abduction in the 70’s-80’s where I am not discounting this has happened to myself or family.

It was like 11pm or Midnight in 1997 or 1998 and it was not a large owl – it was FAR bigger- we were about to drive down a hill and there it was out of nowhere like “swooped” down in front of car and I want to say from one wing to the end of the next likely 8-10 feet long … we both screamed and it flew into the darkness to our old mining grounds

It’s almost like it came from behind us and then swooped in front of our vehicle and all I can say is that it seemed whitish gray and I’m not sure about the legs or feet what have you 

  all I know is like a human kind of body, and then a humongous wingspan. Far far far larger than an owl. It is just like if my husband who is 6 foot 1 would be flying and have a huge wingspan.”

When asked by the investigator if she had previously had any encounters, the witness stated that she had not. The witness then stated that a friend of hers had reminded her that they had another encounter approximately 2 weeks after the initial encounter.

“My friend reminded me there was a second time.Within weeks of that first encounter 

 It was flying above our old village hall (again late at night) and immediately flew out of sight. We were almost to her house and she screamed saying “There it is again!!!”

[The entity] Then flew off

Both were very fast encounters we never investigated further”

The witness stated that there were no other encounters since then and the interview was concluded. I thanked the witness and encouraged her to reach out if she had any other details to add. If any other details arise, I will update and publish on the website as well as forward the information to the members of the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team. 

Special thanks go to Vincent Richardson for his illustration

Third firefighter recounts sighting of winged humanoid over O’Hare International Airport

I was filling in at Station #2 On the fourth of July weekend, we were outside in the patio area talking and watching the distant fireworks display. As we talked we heard what sounded like a very, very loud screeching noise, it sounded like brakes on a large truck. We didn’t pay it any mind because it was probably a semi or airport maintenance vehicle that was nearby. There is a cargo terminal within sight of the station so we didn’t give it a second thought till we heard a series of clicking, rapid, loud clicking followed by that sound again. It was then that one of the others guys saw something and said “what in the fuck is that?” We looked up to see a figure in the sky, it looked like a human with wings and it had a pair of bright orange eyes. One of the firefighters said it was the infamous “Batman” and said it was seen all over the airport and the surrounding suburbs. It was only visible for about 5 seconds before it flew out of sight toward north. 

Investigators Notes:

This is part of the ongoing investigation looking into the initial report of a Chicago Firefighters sighting of a winged humanoid at Chicago O’Hare International airport. The witness was able to convey sightings from fellow firefighters at his station that were told to him the night of his sighting. They are being presented separately and attempts are being made to contact the original witnesses of each report. As the investigation progresses, updates will be posted to the website and passed along to the members of the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team.

A second sighting report of a Winged Humanoid witnessed by a Chicago Firefighter at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

Illustration courtesy of Vincent Richardson

I was at work at station #3 at about 0245, as part of the normal routine we take the engines to get fuel at the maintenance yard. It’s about 2 miles or so one way and the entire endeavor takes about 45-60 minutes depending if you have to wait. As we were headed back, we were approaching the firehouse when we saw something move across the street, it walked in a sort of shuffle and as we approached, we saw two glowing red eyes that looked right at us and then disappeared. As we continued to approach the location our headlights fell upon a large black figure that looked like a man wearing black clothing, except he was at least 8 feet tall, super, super thin and had a large pair of bat-like wings. It took off into the air and was gone within a second or two and we lost it in the night sky. It scared the living hell out of everyone in the engine and when we got back to the firehouse, we all went outside to look for it but found nothing. It was the damndest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Investigators Notes:

This is part of the ongoing investigation looking into the initial report of a Chicago Firefighters sighting of a winged humanoid at Chicago O’Hare International airport. The witness was able to convey sightings from fellow firefighters at his station that were told to him the night of his sighting. They are being presented separately and attempts are being made to contact the original witnesses of each report. As the investigation progresses, updates will be posted to the website and passed along to the members of the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team.

Chicago Firefighter tells of his encounter with a winged humanoid at Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Artist impression of a winged entity

I work for the Chicago Fire Department and have been stationed at O’Hare International airport for the last seven years. This occurred on Thursday, December 29th, at about 2300 at O’Hare Station 3, which is just past terminal two and next to the HVAC plant that sits across the street.

I was in the middle of my shift, and as usual, I would bring my laptop with me to watch movies and play games on. I was setting up my laptop when I realized that I had left my charging cord in my pickup, so I got up and ran outside to go and grab it and head back in. As I got my cord, I heard what sounded like a chirping sound, followed by what sounded like shuffling coming from nearby. I looked around and that’s when I heard the clicking coming from across the street, I looked up and standing on the edge of the HVAC plant was a very tall, thin human-like creature with huge wings that were spread out. This creature was looking directly at me with a pair of large red eyes that had the intensity of a pair of tail lights or one of the lights on the engine. It just stood there and looked at me and made this rapid clicking sound. I was in complete shock at what I was seeing and just how large this creature was and how enormous it’s wings were, they had to be close to 15 feet from tip to tip and it had to be at least 7 feet in height! The body was thin, and its limbs were very thin and long. They looked like they would be unable to support such a tall body, but apparently, looks can be deceiving from what I was looking at. We stared at each other for about 6-7 seconds before this thing flapped its wings and silently took to the air, and within a few seconds, it disappeared. I stood out there for at least a minute before coming to my senses and realizing I should get inside.

I went inside and told some of my coworkers, besides the gentle ribbing, there was also an air of caution (more than usual considering our profession). A few of them spoke up and said that this was not the first time it had been seen and that it had been seen around the HVAC plant a few times by people and around the airport by hundreds of employees, passengers and pilots. They said it had been seen by a few in the firehouse, but it never stuck around too long and was more content with just staring at you and scaring the bejesus out of people. You can’t work at O’Hare for any length of time without hearing about the O’Hare “Batman”. It’s practically a legend in and around the airport, and people always claim to see it all over the airport. We spent the better part of two hours talking about these sightings, many of my co-workers sharing their own experiences.

Investigators Notes:

I was able to sit down and speak with the witness during the weekend and discovered that this witness is a ten year veteran of the Chicago fire department and has been stationed at O’Hare for the last five years and before that was in the military for over ten years. He has been a lifelong resident of the city of Chicago and has deep family roots within his community.

The witness stated that his shift began as any normal shift would and that there was nothing particularly of interest going on during that time. He did state that the weekend before had seen record-setting low temperatures and winds get caused the airport to basically shut down. The following week brought temperatures that were well above normal in the sixties and low seventies and that the sky was overcast with light drizzle coming down on the night of the sighting. The witness stated that he had brought his laptop as usual so that he could catch up on a movie that he had been watching and that he was setting up his laptop when he remembered that he forgot his charger in his truck.

He stated that he went outside and retrieved his charger from his vehicle and was on his way back inside when he heard a series of clicks and had an overwhelming feeling of being watched. The witness stated that he heard what sounded like shuffling that reminded him of one of his children dragging their feet along. He started looking around and that is when he looked to the top of the building next door that houses the heating and cooling plant for the airport.
He stated that he saw a tall, thin person standing on the edge, and that person was looking directly at him with eyes that glowed a brilliant red. He stated that the entity was looking directly at him and made no motion while they had eye contact. When asked if he felt anything while staring at this entity, he stated other than obvious shock he did not feel any feeling of dread or impending doom.

When asked to describe the entity that was staring back at him he stated that It was thin and at least seven feet tall and had a pair of wings that were extended from its back he stated that the wings must have been at least fifteen feet in width and looked thin, like a thin piece of membrane. He stated that the entity had arms and legs that were very thin and abnormally long and that the entire entity was a shade of black that was so black that it stood out against the night sky. He stated that no obvious features were recognizable other than the two eyes that were brilliant red.

He stated that he entity then began to slowly flap its wings and took off by jumping off the building and flying away into the night in a southerly direction. When asked if it disappeared into the night he stated that it was visible because of the black stood out against a grey sky that was back lit by the lights of the airport for a few seconds before it was out of sight. The witness states that he stood there almost transfixed for upwards of a minute before he decided that it was prudent for him to get inside and tell somebody about what he had seen.

Once inside, the witness stated that he told his co-workers about what he had seen and even went into detail as to the description of this entity. He stated that besides the usual ribbing that he is used to from his coworkers, there was a palpable air of disbelief among those in the firehouse. The witness stated that he was told by his coworkers that the entity is dubbed the O’Hare “Batman” by some at the airport and that it has been seen by members of the firehouse multiple times. The entity seems to like perching itself on the HVAC building and observing the comings and goings of the firehouse and startling the members who work there.

The witness stated that he was told multiple stories by his coworkers of sightings and encounters with this winged entity. I documented all of them and have my contact information to the witness to pass along to his coworkers in hopes that they will come forward. I will detail these other sightings in another report to be published soon.

Orange Eyed Winged Humanoid seen by truck driver at O’Hare International Airport

Date of Sighting: January 3rd, 2022
Time of Sighting: Approximately 9:00 P.M.
Location of Sighting: USPS Sorting Faciltiy – O’Hare International Airport- Chicago, Illinois
16000 Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60666
Number of Witnesses: 1

Summary: Orange Eyed Winged Humanoid seen by truck driver at O’Hare International Airport
Investigation Status: Active

Sighting Details:

Image showing what an alligator with eye shine

I work for the USPS as a truck driver and one of the regular routes I run are to the USPS sorting facility at O’Hare International Airport. I bring loads of mail and packages from other facilities that are then sorted and processed, I usually then pick up loads from there and do the same thing to other facilities all over the state and area. I was bringing a load of mail to the facility on Monday, January 3rd at about 9 P.M. and as always I had gone past the security checkpoint and had pulled into the dock and was getting out of my truck when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw what looked like a person who appeared to be crouched down next to a parked truck. My first thought was that someone was taking a leak over by the fence which can get you into a lot of trouble, so I whistled at them to tell them there are restrooms right inside the door. When I whistled, this person turned their head and I saw bright orange eyes looking right back at me. I grew up in the south, not too far from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and there’s been many a nights as a boy that we’ve gone out and shined our flashlights out over the water only to see the eyes of an alligator reflecting the light. Those eyes, that’s what they look like, the eyes of an alligator at night. This sent a shiver down my spine for a could of reasons, it’s Chicago and it’s the middle of winter in Chicago and there are no gators for at damn near 1000 miles. What I saw next though must of made me turn whiter than a ghost because this thing with the glowing orange eyes stood up and must have been 10 inches taller than me, not only that but a few seconds later he unfolded what looked like wings as he had straightened out his arms. This thing looked right at me and it felt like he could read my mind, my very soul which made me believe that this was a demon. It reminded me of the stories my grandmother used to tell me of the “rugaru”. I use to think of those stories as nothing more than fairy tales, use to scare us into minding our elders but here I was staring at something right out of those tales. This thing looked at me for a second or two more and then leapt over the fence behind it and was gone in a few seconds. I must have just stood there frozen in place for at least a minute before I finally started to move, I was left speechless and scared outta my wits. I believe that I’m a reasonable God Fearing man, raised to not harm anyone and to not make up any outrageous tales but I know what I saw that night was flesh and blood and as real as I’m standing here. I had not heard anything about these things being seen around the airport, it was not till I told people at the facility what I had just seen that multiple people had told me that they were seen quite often around th airport and that many of them had seen something or another similar to what I had seen.