Group sighting of Winged Humanoid in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood

Image courtesy of Vincent Richardson

I was just hanging out with my friends in the alley by the panaderia (Mexican Bakery). We use the alley and the parking lot to skateboard and just hang around and talk. There were 5 of us and we saw this thing standing on top of the flea market across the parking lot. It looked like a large man but he had wings that were wider than a car. It was watching us and it had very bright red eyes that looked like the tail lights of a car. It stood there making these chirping noises that we could clearly hear, even from across the parking lot.
It stood there for about a minute watching us, it made us all feel like we were in danger and that it was after us. It then shot straight into the air and flew over us, the entire time it kept watching us as it flew over. My friend wanted to run but we told him to stay still or it might chase us and it would lead it to where we lived. I silently prayed to La Virgin de Guadalupe for protection and this thing kept flying away from us and headed off in the direction of the arch. It made us all very scared and when we talked about it the next day, we felt that one of my friends’ ex-girlfriend might have sent it after us. She practices Brujeria and it just seems like something she would do. If it was meant to scare us, then it did what it was supposed to do as all of us were scared out of our wits.

Investigators Notes:

The sighting took place on Sunday February 5th, 2023 at about 11:00 P.M. in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, IL

I talked to the initial witness who made the report and he stated that they usually would go out to the parking lot and alley behind La Baquette Bakery, a local bakery that has been a staple of the Little Village neighborhood for many countless years. They used the area to skateboard and was a relatively safe place to hang out without having to leave the neighborhood. They estimated that it was about 1100-1130 P.M. and it was clear and not as cold as it had been in the last few weeks. They reported a clear, moonlit night and that they were relatively alone in the parking lot.

The entity was sighted perched on the roof of the local flea market which sits on the same parking lot about 50 yards from where they were. The witness stated that it was a pitch black, humanoid shaped entity that he guessed was at least 7 feet tall but was unsure and that it had enormous wings that he stated were as wide as a car. The witness describes the creature had bright red eyes that he compared to the intensity of a car’s headlights.

The group said they felt scared, like this thing was after them and one of the group felt like running but his friends stopped him, they feared it would trigger a prey response by the entity that would have followed them home. The witness stated that it watched them from atop the building before taking flight, even in flight the entity did not take its eyes off of them and eventually flew out of sight.

When asked what the witnesses’ thoughts to this sighting were, he suggested that maybe it was sent by his friend’s ex-girlfriend. He recounted that they had broken up recently and she had been very upset over the breakup. The ex was known to be a practitioner of the Mexican witchcraft known as Brujeria.

I have reached out to the other witnesses through their friend and have yet to hear back from them, I will attempt to reach out again in a few days and any updates will be posted to the website. This sighting will be forwarded to the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team for further investigation. 

Witness recounts a 1998 winged humanoid sighting in Iron River, Michigan.

This witness commented on a social media post regarding the recent O’hare winged humanoid sighting and the investigator reached out to discuss her sighting from 1997-1998. This is the witness’s report of the events of her sighting.

“It was grayish/white and it happened in Iron River, Michigan (Mineral Hills) where I was born and raised…. Also there was talk of alien abduction in the 70’s-80’s where I am not discounting this has happened to myself or family.

It was like 11pm or Midnight in 1997 or 1998 and it was not a large owl – it was FAR bigger- we were about to drive down a hill and there it was out of nowhere like “swooped” down in front of car and I want to say from one wing to the end of the next likely 8-10 feet long … we both screamed and it flew into the darkness to our old mining grounds

It’s almost like it came from behind us and then swooped in front of our vehicle and all I can say is that it seemed whitish gray and I’m not sure about the legs or feet what have you 

  all I know is like a human kind of body, and then a humongous wingspan. Far far far larger than an owl. It is just like if my husband who is 6 foot 1 would be flying and have a huge wingspan.”

When asked by the investigator if she had previously had any encounters, the witness stated that she had not. The witness then stated that a friend of hers had reminded her that they had another encounter approximately 2 weeks after the initial encounter.

“My friend reminded me there was a second time.Within weeks of that first encounter 

 It was flying above our old village hall (again late at night) and immediately flew out of sight. We were almost to her house and she screamed saying “There it is again!!!”

[The entity] Then flew off

Both were very fast encounters we never investigated further”

The witness stated that there were no other encounters since then and the interview was concluded. I thanked the witness and encouraged her to reach out if she had any other details to add. If any other details arise, I will update and publish on the website as well as forward the information to the members of the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team. 

Special thanks go to Vincent Richardson for his illustration

Witnesses claim to see multiple flying humanoids in Bensenville, Illinois

An artist depiction of a Winged Humanoid

Date of Sighting: May 17, 2022
Time of Sighting: Approximately 1600
Location of Sighting: Bensenville, Illinois
Number of Witnesses: Two

Status of Investigation: Active

Sighting Details:

I was outside in my backyard and preparing for a family cookout with my daughter when we both saw what I can only describe as three human shaped objects that looked like they had wings flying overhead. It looked like they were all flying in circles about 60-70 feet above us and moving toward the expressway to the west of us. My daughter took out her camera and tried her best to take video of the flying people but they did come out a bit grainy and unfocused. She and I were talking about how we had both been hearing about the Mothman that seemed to haunt O’Hare and since the airport is only about a mile and half down Irving Park Road, It seemed logical to me that this could be the same thing. We kept watching them until they were no longer able to be seen and I asked her to please send me the video. I know it’s not much but I tried my best but I’m an electrician and I’m not a professional photographer. I can tell you that these were not planes and there were no planes in the area and since we are accustomed to seeing planes landing, they pass over our house at very low altitude and would have been very plain to see and hear in great detail. I have lived at this house for over 10 years and we are quite used to seeing these planes as they come in to land at the airport. These flying things were too high up and too small to be mistaken for any sort of aircraft. You didn’t need to be an expert to make out their shapes as roughly humanlike and what appeared to be wings, it could have been birds but these birds would have been pretty large if they were.

Investigator Notes:

I reached and spoke with the witness via phone and he recounted the incident to me. It was on Tuesday May 17th at about 4 P.M. when the witness says the incident was happening and he was in the process of preparing his backyard patio for the summer and an upcoming cookout. His 15 year old daughter was assisting him that day and was present when the incident took place. The witness stated that they looked up and saw three winged humanoids approximately 60 feet up in the air and they were circling overhead “Like buzzards do” as described by the witness. The daughter attempted to take video of the entities and that was submitted to UFO Clearinghouse along with the witness sighting.

The witness stated that he was certain it was not a plane or any other sort of powered aircraft and stated that the area he lives in is in-line with the nearby O’Hare international Airport runways and he is used to seeing planes fly overhead on final approach to land at the airport. He stated that they are extremely low in altitude and clearly visible in great detail and make a lot of noise as they fly overhead. The witness stated that these objects were too small and too high up to be planes and were completely silent when they flew overhead. The witness stated that he and his daughter watched as they flew out of sight and toward the west and route 83 which is on an overpass approximately 2 blocks from his house. When asked if he had seen anything similar to this the witness stated he had not and this was his first time seeing anything, although they had heard the reports coming from O’Hare airport about the string of winged humanoid sightings that have happened there in the past.

It is highly recommended that an investigator be dispatched to the area to gather photographic and video evidence and conduct a field investigation. The witness stated that he and his daughter would be open to talking to an investigator face to face if they were available. It is the investigators opinion that the case merits further investigation and that it be forwarded to the Phantom and Monsters Fortean Research Team for further investigation. Once a field investigation is conducted all details will be posted to the UFO Clearinghouse website for further analysis.


The original video appears to be a short 4 second long video of the alleged entities seen in the above sighting. Screenshots and digital zooms have been made of each individual object seen in the video.

Witness reports large flying humanoid in Bensenville, Illinois

Date of Sighting: Thursday April 28, 2022

Time of Sighting: Approximately 10:30 P.M. CDT.

Location of Sighting: Bensenville, Illinois

Summary: Witness has a sighting of a large red eyed winged entity fly over her house in Bensenville, Illinois after returning home from work.

Current Status: Under Investigation

Sighting Details:

I had just got home from work on Thursday night at about 10:30 P.M. and had just got out of my car to head into the house on the *Redacted* in Bensenville, Illinois when I heard a strange chirping/clicking sound, it was almost dolphin-like. I stopped in my tracks and started to look around and that is when I saw this large bat fly over my house and yard. It was large with bright glowing red eyes and was thin, the wings were flapping slowly. It must have been at least 40 feet off the ground since it was easily above the house and trees in the neighborhood. I’ve seen bats before but this thing was far, far bigger. It was gone in a few seconds as it flew over my neighbors house and was swallowed up into the night. I had tried to get my phone out and take a picture of it but by the time I got it out of my coat and tried to take a picture it was gone and out of sight as it was flying pretty quickly away. I know I was not the only person who saw it as my neighbors across the street were also looking up at it as it flew over and even asked me the next morning if I had seen it and what I thought it was. I’ve lived here over 12 years and had never seen anything like it, even my husband was skeptical, saying maybe I saw a large goose or crane and the red eyes might have been the reflection of the street lights on the animals eyes. I’m certain of what I saw though.

Investigators Notes:

An Investigator has reached out to the witness and any information obtained will be posted to the website as soon as possible. This case has also been forwarded to investigators with the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team for further investigations.

Witness recounts encounter with seven foot tall “Man-Bat” in Bensenville, IL.

I was at work Thursday night. I had just brought back a manlift from a construction site that we had picked up and brought back to the yard. I had just driven the manlift off of the trailer and was just about to get back into the truck to park it when I saw some movement from the back of the yard. I grabbed a flashlight and headed back toward the storage containers that are kept in the back. I saw something on top of the container and I shined the light on it and asked them what the hell they were doing back there and that I was about to call the police if they didn’t get out of there. I kept walking toward them and yelling when I heard a series of clicks, rapid-fire clicks and what sounded like chirping. I’m a bit of a history buff and back in WW2, U.S. troops used to carry these clickers called “crickets” that they used to communicate with one another. This sounded like these clickers only faster and louder, same pitch and tone.

I was about 12 feet from the containers, I looked up and was met with a pair of red eyes that were staring directly at me. These were attached to what looked like a tall being that must have been at least 6-7 feet tall and looked like a giant man-bat kind of thing. I lost my shit and started backing up while trying not to scream like a little girl. This man-bat was partially lit up by the lights we have around the yard. I tried to shine my flashlight on this thing and it started clicking at me and took off into the air. It took off toward the north. I practically ran back to the truck and got in and parked it. I swear to God, I sprinted toward my car, which was parked by the main building where it was lit up by the street lights. Thoughts of something swooping down to attack me were swirling around in my head. I got in my car and left, not stopping till I got home.

Investigators notes:

I reached out to the witness and they were initially hesitant to speak and asked me to call them back before I was able to convince him to speak with me in regards to his sighting. The witness works for an industrial rental company where they service and rent a wide variety of industrial equipment. The witness is a driver for the company and has been there for about 3 years, the witness describes his job as delivering and picking up various pieces of equipment. The witness stated that they had picked up a manlift ( portable piece of heavy equipment used to raise and lower people used for various construction projects) The witness had just arrived back at his employer and had just dropped off the equipment and was in the process of parking his semi and trailer when he saw the entity.

The witness stated that they had a row of transportation containers along the back that were used for storage purposes and it was there that he had seen movement and decided to investigate. The witness stated that he thought it was an intruder looking around the containers looking to steal tools or equipment. He stated that had reached into his truck and had pulled out a large Mag-lite flashlight which is a long flashlight with a sturdy metal handle that can be used as a baton. He stated that as he walked toward the containers he saw something standing on top of the containers and that as he got closer he noticed a pair of bright red eyes looking directly at him. He estimated the entity as standing about 6-7 feet tall and described it as a “Man-Bat” For reference purposes, Man-Bat is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Introduced in Detective Comics #400 as an enemy of the superhero Batman. Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team member Vincent Richardson did prepare sketches based on the witnesses description and they will be posted in the report below for reference purposes.

The witness did state that as he approached the containers he started to hear clicking coming from the direction of the entity. The witness described the clicking as sounding as coming from a WW2 era clicker, commonly referred to as a “cricket” by Ally soldiers. These devices were handheld brass clickers used by soldiers to communicate and identify each other during nighttime raids. They were most famously used by American Airborne soldiers of the 102nd Airborne division. The witness stated that the sound was similar in tone, only faster and louder and only got faster and louder as he approached the storage containers. As the witness approached the containers he stated that the entity stood up and took flight toward the north and was out of sight within seconds. The witness described running back to his truck and then after parking it, running to his car with an overwhelming feeling that something might swoop down and attack him. The witness stated even when he got home he could not shake the feeling and stayed in his car for 2-3 minutes before getting out and going home. The next day the witness did some research online where he found our contact information and submitted his report. The witness appeared to be sincere in his recounting of the events of that night and did not change any of his story and even corrected the investigator when he tried to purposely embellish the story. The next step will be field investigation and with the witnesses permission, that will be conducted at the earliest available opportunity.

A sketch using the description of the witness drawn by Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team member Vincent Richardson
A sketch using the description of the witness drawn by Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team member Vincent Richardson