The Chicago Mothman Sightings


UFO Clearinghouse has partnered with investigation teams from Phantoms and Monsters and Singular Fortean to investigate the ever-growing number of sightings in the Chicago area. Beginning in 2011 a series of sightings were reported in the Chicago area of a winged being resembling the infamous Mothman of Point Pleasant, VA. The initial three reports all came from the UIC area of Chicago and were over a 4 day period and all describe a being 7-8 foot tall being that was solid black and has glowing red eyes with a wingspan that are up to 10 feet wide.

So far there have been 43 reported sightings of a large, flying humanoid in the Chicago area in 2017, three prior sightings that took place in 2011, one in 2014, one in 2016, one nearby in Rockford in 2010, and one from across Lake Michigan in Indiana from the year 2000.  In addition, a report of two red lights similar to descriptions of the creature’s eyes was reported several miles southeast of Chicago in Indiana in the midst of the 2017 flap. Most of the sightings have taken place in Chicago’s lakefront area, within a few miles of Lake Michigan.

As part of our ongoing investigations into these sightings, an interactive map has been created to help monitor and keep track of these sightings as they are reported. This map lists the sightings beginning with the 2011 sightings and up to the most recent sighting. The map is completely interactive and is designed to help give the public a way to contextualize these sightings in hopes to that it will generate more reports of sightings that an individual might have been hesitant to report until now.

You can always report your sightings to UFO Clearinghouse by clicking here or by reporting it to Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters. Remember, you can remain anonymous.