Flying humanoid sightings near O’hare airport. Witnesses report bright eyes peering into car window

I was out driving around with a guy I had just started talking to. We were out by the airport just cruising around, listening to music and getting to know one another. We decided to park to smoke some bud and one thing led to another. We were in the backseat when he looked up and started screaming “What the fuck!” over and over again. It was then that we felt like something bumped into the side of the car, like when someone slammed up on the side of your ride.
I sat up and saw a pair of bright red eyes and a big black body looking into the drivers side window into the backseat. It scared the hell out of both of us and we both started screaming out loud, this thing kept looking into the car and then it just disappeared.
A security guard shows up, then two more show up, they made us get out of the car and started asking us why we are there but after looking at us they start asking about what we had seen, we told them and they screamed at us to get dressed and leave.

Investigators Notes:

I contacted the witness via email and after much assurance, she agreed to an interview over the phone. I called and spoke with her regarding her sighting. The witness is a 20 year old Hispanic female and her companion was 26 years old and also of Hispanic descent. The witness said they were out driving around and had decided to stop at a construction site near the airport to talk and smoke marijuana. The witness said it was about 10 p.m. and that there was no one around at the site. They parked near the entrance but out of the way so as not to be seen by any law enforcement. For the witness’s sake, I asked her to please skip the details and to please just stick to the sighting itself. She described the entity as being tall and thinly built with bright red eyes that were “glowing”. She described feeling the car move as if someone had slammed against the side of it followed by her partner starting to scream. The witness described the entity as bending down to peer into the window and from the brief glimpse she saw of it when she sat up, described it as owl-like. Her partner told her that it looked like it ‘s eyes were set into the entity’s shoulders. The witness stated that the creature was gone within a few seconds and that almost immediately the security guards arrived. When asked how long from the creature leaving to the security guards arrival, the witness said that she was certain the guards had to have seen the creature taking off as they arrived.

When asked about the security guards, she said they told them to get out of their car, seeing the state of the witnesses, they asked them why they were there and what they had seen. The guards questioned them for a few minutes, took their information and then told them to finish getting dressed and leave immediately. She said they were both told that the next time they were seen at this site, they would be arrested immediately. The witnesses left and she was dropped off at home. When asked about the second witness’s contact information, the reporting witness said he did not wish to be contacted and that they had talked only a few times after that but had not gone out again. The witness then expressed her desire to conclude the interview and I thanked her for her time.

The construction site where the sighting happened is on highway 72 and an investigator will be dispatched to conduct a field investigation. It is assumed they it is part of the expansion project currently going on at O’hare airport but will be confirmed with further investigation, as always all information obtained during the field investigation will be updated on the UFO Clearinghouse website and shared with the P&M Fortean research team and its investigators. As of right now this is an ongoing investigation and further information will be posted as it becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Flying humanoid sightings near O’hare airport. Witnesses report bright eyes peering into car window

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