Witness recounts a 1998 winged humanoid sighting in Iron River, Michigan.

This witness commented on a social media post regarding the recent O’hare winged humanoid sighting and the investigator reached out to discuss her sighting from 1997-1998. This is the witness’s report of the events of her sighting.

“It was grayish/white and it happened in Iron River, Michigan (Mineral Hills) where I was born and raised…. Also there was talk of alien abduction in the 70’s-80’s where I am not discounting this has happened to myself or family.

It was like 11pm or Midnight in 1997 or 1998 and it was not a large owl – it was FAR bigger- we were about to drive down a hill and there it was out of nowhere like “swooped” down in front of car and I want to say from one wing to the end of the next likely 8-10 feet long … we both screamed and it flew into the darkness to our old mining grounds

It’s almost like it came from behind us and then swooped in front of our vehicle and all I can say is that it seemed whitish gray and I’m not sure about the legs or feet what have you 

  all I know is like a human kind of body, and then a humongous wingspan. Far far far larger than an owl. It is just like if my husband who is 6 foot 1 would be flying and have a huge wingspan.”

When asked by the investigator if she had previously had any encounters, the witness stated that she had not. The witness then stated that a friend of hers had reminded her that they had another encounter approximately 2 weeks after the initial encounter.

“My friend reminded me there was a second time.Within weeks of that first encounter 

 It was flying above our old village hall (again late at night) and immediately flew out of sight. We were almost to her house and she screamed saying “There it is again!!!”

[The entity] Then flew off

Both were very fast encounters we never investigated further”

The witness stated that there were no other encounters since then and the interview was concluded. I thanked the witness and encouraged her to reach out if she had any other details to add. If any other details arise, I will update and publish on the website as well as forward the information to the members of the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team. 

Special thanks go to Vincent Richardson for his illustration